Sunday, November 13, 2011



My Sweet Boy at this age You
Clap your hands
Give kisses
Crawl fast
Open cupboards and dump things out
Nod your head yes and no
Blow Kisses
Dance to the Music
Scooting around the Furniture
You love your mama,
Very Ticklish
Sleeping through the night.
Loves the Bath/ shower
We LOVE our Jetty Bug. We can never get enough of him.
Happy Birthday Jetty!!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Carving Pumpkins is not high on any of our lists. We opted for the SHARPIES. But I thought our kids need to experience real pumpkin carving. So we chose the smallest one to cut into and let them experience that. Jappy said he would have nothing to do with it. I was lucky enough to get to clean it out.

Mady and her crazy hair. It was crazy hair day for Red Ribbon Week.

Jay made up his mind a month before Halloween that he wanted to be BATMAN. My Girls however changed their minds several times not committing to anything until the very last second. (They do this every year) I have a group picture on my phone that will be downloaded at a later date. Sorry.

We had the ward trunk or treat on Saturday then on Monday we did the real thing. Some friends of ours make doughnuts in their garage to give out instead of candy, so we headed to their neighborhood. And Oh GOOD GLORY they were delicious!!!! So Delicious in fact I have made them twice since then.

The Kids got LOADS of CANDY and had a really fun time. Jay Cracked us up... He was so anxious and excited to go. The thought of people giving him candy and all he had to do was stand at their door. I love Holidays with Toddlers everything is so exciting/magical.