Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Hope's Story

3 Years ago we felt STRONGLY we were having a GIRL.  Before the ultrasound Jappy and I talked about names for what we thought our #5 and final addition. We were somewhere in Montana when the name Jacqueline Hope came together for us. We felt strongly that that was it. A couple weeks later we had an ultrasound revealing we in fact weren't having a girl but a boy. We were shocked and a little sad. Happy for a healthy baby  but shocked. We all were.  A little upset wondering why we felt so strongly about a girl, and yet That's not what we were going to have.  Jappy ordered Chinese that night for dinner trying to lift our families spirits.  We had dinner and were chatting in the kitchen when I opened my fortune cookie.  The Fortune read... 'Hope is a Treasure worth waiting for.'  Oh CRAP " as I handed it to Jappy to read.  We decided to not worry about another baby until we get through this one.  A month later we returned to the same chinese restaurant. Only to have another fortune that read 'He who has Hope has everything'  Oh good grief.  I didn't ever want a big family, that was never something that I saw for myself. Once again Jappy said "Lets get through this baby then we will reevaluate.  Well, fast forward 2 years or so. I started feeling like we were missing someone. I started having dreams of a little girl.  Jappy came home from church one day with a serious look on his face. I asked him what was wrong.  He said.' I don't want to tell you...but on the stand today something happened, The distinct overwhelming feeling that we are to have a little girl." I may have rolled my eyes.  I wasn't ready.
 A couple weeks later Jappy was driving in the car, and the feeling and thought came to him again. A LITTLE GIRL.  A week later we found out we were having a baby.
 We had a blood test in the first trimester that revealed we were in fact having a little Girl.
We held off telling the family until I was almost half way through the pregnancy.  The pros of living away from family.  The pregnancy went really well.  We had a few little bumps with my health but overall it went great. My due date was 12-13-14.  As the time got closer we really wanted to shoot for that date.  The week before my due date Jappy was out of town. I was already dilated to a 2. We both were worried that I could go into labor while he was gone.  We did however have a back up plan. (Book club in Labor and delivery Par-Tay) However Jappy was calmer than I.  He felt like things would be fine while he was away and that the baby would come  December 7.( I thought he was crazy) But I took it VERY EASY, and Slow while he was gone and when he  pulled into the driveway from his trip on Friday we all had a sigh of  relief.
the next Day Saturday (Dec 6)  Jappy went to the gym around 6am.  And at 6:30am I was having contractions. Nothing consistent but they lasted all morning until 8. I didn't feel like I was in Labor but I also didn't feel "right" So I got in the shower. When Jappy got home he was surprised by me being up and showered and asked what was going on? Apparantly it's not like me to be up and showered by that time on a Saturday.  I told him I wasn't feeling 'right'  His comment was " Oh no NOT today Today is not a good day" "well I'm sorry for inconveniencing you" I said. Now this Saturday was a little busier than usual.  We had a basketball game, first thing(two in fact). Then We had a Church breakfast/christmas party that we had the main dish for.  Then another basketball game and my friend was throwing me a baby shower that afternoon/evening.
I powered through the morning. I must not have looked too well because I had lots of people ask me if I was doing ok. I said I wasn't feeling my best, and then There were lots 'ohh this could be the day' comments.  I wasn't ready for it to be the day, I had things still to do.  I made it to the baby shower and I was finally feeling good.  We ate and visited with friends and loaded the car with fun new baby girl things, and headed home.  The time is now about 8:30 at night.  Our kids were playing outside and I started having contractions again. Nothing consistent.  A friend of ours is the Chief OB and we knew he was on call. Side Note He is NOT my doctor.  He's our friend We've been to dinner together in each others homes.  He Is NOT my doctor for that reason.  It's weird.  However with the last two babies that I have delivered he likes to come in and tease me that my doctor is out of town and he's filling in.. Oh silly man.
So by 930 contractions were about 7-10 mins apart but still not consistent.  Jappy texted our Friend asking his opinion and He called him immediately.  He said to drink two big glasses of water. If they get faster I'm in labor if they stop I was just dehydrated. I drank my water and We got our kids showered and asleep. I laid  on the bed wondering what we should do.  Go in, or wait it out?  Still not feeling like I was in Labor.  At 11;15 or so I told Jap to get his shoes on.  We need to go in.  There was no way I was going to be able to sleep. As he went to the closet I had the hardest contraction I had had all day.  I told him we better hurry That Was BAD. He ran downstairs and told our girls we were headed to the hospital. As we are walking out to the car I had another strong contraction, that stopped me dead in my tracks.  Jappy is now in the car and says 'Hey, get in" "I can't I told him I can't move it hurts so BAD."
Now I Have never gone into labor on my own EVER.  This was NEW to us.
Jap drove fast to the Hospital, hitting what felt like every pot hole on the road/freeway. We pulled into the hospital and parked at the doors to admitting, or so we thought was admitting. The doors open up we walk through all the while I have a death grip on Jappy's arm. The door closed behind us and I had another hard contraction and MY WATER BROKE. The next door didn't open It was LOCKED. We had a slight moment of PANIC. Thinking we were trapped. In the past After my water breaks I have a baby within 30 minutes. I would have liked to have seen the security footage of us at that moment.  We turned around and the door to the outside opened back up. PHEW. We headed back to the car to drive around the hospital to the ER entrance.  On the way to the car Jappy stops and says " UHH your water just broke I don't want you getting in MY CAR"  I was NOT amused. I did get in the Car. Walked into the ER and we didn't even have to say ANYTHING. She asked if I could walk and I said Yes. Jappy Said get the Wheelchair, they wheeled me upstairs and I got changed and I was hurting bad. We told the nurse this is going to be fast Call Dr. Jones. I'm not so sure she believed me... Until she checked me and I was an 8.  I told her I WANT an epidural!! I was starting to get scared. I Really didn't want to do this with out any pain medicine!! I was already Feeling overwhelmed, like it was too much for me. Jappy assured me I could do it if I needed to. I was sure I could not. Why Was He not here yet?? Dr. Jones walked in about that time with the biggest grin on his face. All of his taunting from the last couple years... He was right he was going to have to deliver one of my babies.  I may have said something smart alike and mean.. He says I'll be back when your happier and walked out the door. Next thing I heard was the anesthesiologist cart getting closer to my room. Hallelujah!!
He sat me up gave me that blessed shot I was numb before I laid back down. Jones walked I said I'm sorry things were looking pretty dark for me I'm happy now. I may have apologized to the whole room Not my greatest moment. But I did tell everyone we are all friends now. Jappy said to Jones you better get that nice sweatshirt off this is going to be quick. Sure enough baby was crowning. During my apologies they brought a mirror in and I watched the birth of our Sixth and Final Baby. One and Half pushes Later we had a beautiful 7 lb 15oz curly dark haired baby. Born on Dec 7 12:05!
The nurses just gushed over her. And were fighting over who got to bathe her and wash her beautiful locks of Hair. We are PROUD PARENTS of our little Caboose.
We are so Lucky to have such wonderful doctors that have taken Care of us here. They Have become our close friends. Each one of them we feel like we could call them in any sort of emergency and they would be there at a drop of a hat.  The next day our pediatrician gave her the release to go home. He said you've done this a time or two you're fine to go home whenever the Dr Releases you. Jones came in and said the same thing. Less then 24 hrs later We were headed home!
Jappy and the kids had dinner waiting and a nice clean house to come home too.  The kids had not yet seen her. We have a motley crew and felt it a better idea for them to not come to the hospital.  It was a wild whirlwind of a weekend.


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