Sunday, May 25, 2008

Our Ladybugs

It's a bittersweet to have girls. You get to dress them in pink and put ribbons in their hair, paint their nails, and play dress up. Little did we know that the drama would come at such a young age. Mady likes to mother and be a bossy lil thing. And Brooklyn is starting to pick up the same habit. Mady also thinks that she is a fashion diva and loves to tell me "Mom that doesn't match" Madison is 6 and will be GRADUATING from Kindergarten on Wednesday. She has loved school, and is bummed for summer vacation. Several months ago I spelled out a word for Jappy( you know the code when you don't want the kids to know what your talking about. Well I spelled it, and that lil stinker sounded it out and said "ICE CREAM YEAH"!! I went right to her teacher the next day and told her to stop teaching her so well. We have since figured out we just need to use a more complicated word when we spell.
Brooklyn 4 She will start preschool this fall. She is excited and ready to go to school and have her "own backpack". She too is bummed that Mady will be out of school. She so much enjoys her time with mom at home, without Mady. Brooklyn loves to dress up and play with her Barbies.
I have the girls signed up for swimming lessons for the summer and movie tickets ready for those really hot days. We plan on having lots of picnics at the park and lots of swimming in the pool this summer.

Key Bank Softball

Jappy and I are playing softball again this year, and we're having a BLAST!! Jap plays 1st base and I play 2nd. We have only had a few squabbles over who's fly ball it is, but we are loving every minute of it. We are 2 & 1 for now. Last year we tied for 1st place. We hope to carry on the tradition of winning. Wish us Luck!