Sunday, June 22, 2008

Camping - Bull Canyon

This weekend we did some camping. REAL camping, no bathrooms, running water, or electricity, and sadly no Motor Home just our tent and the HARD ground. We survived and it really was fun to spend time with our neices and nephews. Our nephew Dustin is leaving for his mission next week (Chicago) so we're trying to squeeze in every minute we can. Dustin has been our girls favorite cousin since they were born. Dustin can do no wrong in their eyes no matter how rough he gets with them or makes them cry or how badly he stinks they go back for more. (We haven't figured it out why they love him so much) They love to cuddle up with him and watch movies or just ride the tractor with him. They have a very special place for him in their hearts, and they are going to miss him dearly.

Dustin loading everything in. Here comes the mad sheep dog. Bryce's head & the canyon Isn't it pretty? The canyon.

So anyways we camped out for a night. The only way to get there was on 4 wheelers. Uncle Alan has lots of fun toys they have 2 old army jeeps that they take for driving up in the canyon. They are tons of fun. We always look forward to jeep rides when we go to Arbon. (Arbon is a small farming community between Rockland and Pocatello if you know where that is)

We had to drive through the canyon on very bumpy terrain. We made it through a herd of sheep and the vicious sheep dog. we had a few mud holes to make it through but that's what makes it memorable.

Jappy rented paint ball guns for everyone just to shoot around. We couldn't convince anyone to let us shoot them so we shot other things. We had some deer come into camp and the guys wanted to shoot at them. They never did hit them but they did scare them, not enough though they hung around for the rest of the evening. Crazy deer.

The men were protecting us from the killer bees in the tent. It was hilarious listening to them while they were trying to kill them with their hats. Cousin Jessi and her husband Bryce sitting in the jeep waiting for target practice to start. The last picture Jessi Dustin Jappy and Bryce in the distance. Bryce would throw the bottle and the three would shoot at it to see who could hit it.
Dustin was the better shot.

The girls enjoyed squirting everyone. The boys cutting firewood

Jappy cooked and the rest of us assisted when he needed us. It was relaxing and quiet, except for our own loudness. We all enjoyed teasing each other. Cousin Bryce thought it was funny to tie the girls arms behind them. It was pretty funny

Our girls never have really slept in a tent before and we shared a tent with Uncle Alan and Dustin. It has a door to seperate the two sides of the tent. Well Brooklyn didn't quite understand the concept of it. Everytime she wanted to tell Dustin something she would YELL it. We just laughed and told her it wasn't a real wall, and to talk normal to him. Yeah she still yelled. The other thing was we didn't put the rain fly over the tent cause there was no need for it, so we could see the stars. and Brooklyn says "I can't go to sleep cause the stars are to brite." This coming from the girl who likes to have the night light and the hall light left on at night. SILLY
We had a fun time and our next week and a half is loaded with family things before we send Dustin on his way.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Father's Day Weekend

I'm lucky to have found someone who truly loves his kids. There aren't many dads who will paint their girls nails, (He lets them paint his too for fun) fix their hair, get up in the middle of the night to pray with them when they have bad dreams, take them to the golf coarse with him, and read to them everynight before they go to bed. We love and appreciate him so much for all the sacrafices he makes for us!! He is a WONDERFUL DAD!!

The girls are enjoying summer between swimming lessons, and library time and picnics in the park they still fit in time to play on the tramp with the sprinkler with the neighbors, riding bikes and Mady likes to practices her golf swing in the front yard. We started up the motorhome last night and it fired right up. We're thinking of going up the canyon this weekend with it. We'll see. If we get time to get it all checked out and the dust cleaned out of it we're going to take it.
The girls are enjoying their swimming lessons!! Mady started dives yesterday. Last week she swam the length of the pool. We are so proud of her. B also is doing well. They've started her swimming under water. Neither of them are afraid and are going to become excellent swimmers.

Sunday we went for a walk (the girls rode their bikes). Uncle Bob and Aunt Cathy got Brooklyn and Big Wheels which she LOVES, and Mady rides her two wheeler. Anyways Brooklyn was enjoying the scenery instead of watching in front of her and hit a cement anchored lamp post in the parking lot they we're riding in. It was ugly!! There was way too much blood for my queasey stomach to handle. Jappy carried her home (the parking lot is only three houses from ours) We got her cleaned up thank goodness she didn't need stiches, but it is ugly, We're trying to stay ontop of it so she doesn't have any scaring. She's lucky it wasn't worse.
Summer is Finally Here!!

The weather is starting to look like summer. We have had 80 degree weather all week. It feels good to be in the sunshine again. Since we don't have a lot of shade around our house I thought I would put their lil pool in the garage. That way they were out of the sun but still in the water. I know that they will only want to play in there for so long but some time is better than none.
One thing that us and all the other neighbors do is keep our freezers STOCKED with POPSICLES and the fridge with JUICE. Keeps everyone hydrated and for the most part happy in the heat.

30 Wks.
Time is flying by.. I had an appt. this morning, everything is going well. I'm not measuring as big as we all thought I would. I keep thinking any day He'll have a growth spurt and I'll be HUGE. I'm measuring 2 cm. smaller, and 5 lbs less than I was with Mady and at this time. So maybe I will have a chance at having a normal size baby. Cross your fingers. Jappy has said all along that he didn't want a dainty boy. But he just might get it.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Babies Galore

Over the weekend we went to our nephew's baby blessing. This is our 3 this year, and we have at least one more niece in the fall coming, along with our own. Our newphew and his wife drove from Tropic, Utah and brought their 4 kids 2 girls and 1 mos. old TWIN boys. This was our first time meeting them, and we loved every min. of loving them. The girls especially enjoyed it. They each had there own baby to hold. We had a small glimpse of what their hectic life is like with two babies. Besides being a lil sleep deprived they seem to be handling it well.

The girls helped Uncle Dave feed the horses and see his newest colt. He's only 2 wks old. Uncle Dave let the girls ride one of his horses. Brooklyn was all grins and didn't want to get off. Mady was more timid and couldn't get off fast enough.

Jappy is recovering well. His leg is producing a nice bruise. He won't be playing for two more weeks I'm sure.

The Lowder's came and we stayed up late while they we're here. The kids played well, and by midnight we finally decided we should lay them down. Am and Ryan played softball with me on Friday while Jappy entertained Mia. They each contributed to our win and I think they enjoyed playing.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Round of Bad Luck

This past 3 weeks we've had some bad luck We had a sprinkler pipe blow in the back yard (unknown to us) We got a phone call from the water dept. that our consumption was high and then a lovely 150.00 Water bill. We dug it up and found the leak and got that fixed. A few days later Jappy was coming home from work for the day and a guy backed into him. Jappy got out of the car to talk to the guy and asses the damage and the guy took off. This did not make Jappy very happy he jumped back in the car and followed the guy. Got his license plate number and then went back to the bank to report it. The officer was very nice, BUT told Jap that he was pretty much screwed. Most likely the guy didn't have insurance and 2nd Because he was an Indian there wasn't much he could do. (The reservation is 8 miles away) Isn't that lovely??
So the Honda has a broken and smushed headlight and the hood is bent up. It wasn't to bad until the next day the radiator started leaking antifreeze EVERYWHERE. YEAH for US. They still haven't contacted the guy that we know of but we're hoping the reservation will take some sort of action. It's pretty much in their hands.
Then yesterday we had a softball game WE Won!! Jappy is well known for his catching ability at first base. He can stretch out into the splits if needs be. Strange I know. During the game he was thrown a short ball so he stretched out, but in doing so severly hurt his knee. He heard it pop and he didn't get up. He's always rolling around on the ground, so after the ump called the runner out I headed for the dug out. When I turned around and saw him still laying there, I said to one of the other guys " Oh great he'll be complaining about that all night." (I'm not too sympathetic)
He limped off the field and said he was out for the game. (You know it's bad if he doesn't get back out there to finish playing.) He iced it all night and went to the doctor this morning. He didn't tear anything (thank goodness) sprained it bad and might need to see an orthapedic surgeon in a few weeks if it doesn't feel better. We're greatful it's not too serious at this point.
Everyother year Jap does something to send himself to the E.R Hopefully this is it.
I really hope that this will be the end of our bad luck streak
On a better note Amber and her family are coming this weekend to spend a night with us. We're excited to spend a lil time with them.

Sunday, June 1, 2008


Time is flying by Jappy informed me this week that the baby is going to grow 3x's what he is now. And he says and "I thought you were big now". I told him that he doesn't need to remind me. It's only just begun. It's a good thing I'm not hormonal and cranky, cause I would have slapped him if I was.
UH... I'm being VERY sarcastic. I'm VERY Hormonal, Grumpy and Imaptient, and worst of all FORGETFULL. Thank goodness Jappy's understanding and and I try and warn the girls ahead of time when I start feeling impatient . That 's when they get themself a popsicle and head outside. YEAH for summer!!
This really has been the easiest pregnancy for me. Having a BOY has made all the difference in the world. WE do have a name. Jay Brent Jeppsen
Jay is my dad's middle name and mine. And Brent is Jappy's dad's name. This lil boy has a lot to live up to being named after these two great men.

We have a Graduate

Wednesday Mady graduated from Kindergarten. She was so excited. Before I took her to school that morning she says to me "Mom if you hear someone singing beautifully it's me". (She has a healthy self esteem) The kids sang and got awards and then we got to take them home. Jappy took the afternoon off to spend with her. We had an early dinner at Sizzler (Mady's favorite) she ordered all you can eat shrimp and we got our monies worth. There's one thing we don't ever have to worry about with her She loves food vegetables included.
We're very proud of Mady. We're excited about her love of learning, and hope she continues with it.