Friday, November 27, 2009

A lot to be THANKFUL for

We had a fun Thanksgiving this year. Our niece and her husband came for the weekend, along with Uncle Alan. We prepared food, ate to much, watched football, napped, and played games. And of course laughed a TON.
Ms. Jessi in the kitchen making a mess
The boys had a makeover with the girls. They were very good sports about it, and
I believe they still have their toes painted. Bryce being tortured
Jessi and I woke up early to hit the Black Friday sales. It was fun to have someone to shop with this year. And we witnessed some interesting people that morning. We are pretty sure we witnessed a shoplifter flee the scene into the get away car. Jessi was tempted to take an innocent shopper down (if he had the toy she wanted) She eyed his merchandise and decided it wasn't worth it. It was a fun morning and we found plenty of things to laugh about.
Jappy played in his annual turkey bowl, and had a great turnout. Nobody seriously injured. But I do know that plenty of Ibuprofen was taken afterwards.
My girls are VERY animated. Especially when they see the camera.
Our family has a lot to be Thankful for, as do all of you.
Extended FAMILY that cares about us
OUR FRIENDS that SUPPORT and LOVE US as if we were part of their FAMILY

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Uncle Alan's 50th Birthday Party

We had a suprise Birthday Party for Uncle Alan. We had a 'roast' in his honor. It was entertaining to listen to stories about Alan's younger years, and to remember funny stories.

The Roast
Uncle Alan and the Grand kids
Pinata Fun

The kids favorite part was the clean up.

Monday, November 16, 2009

First Snow

We had our First Snow on Saturday. The Girls were THRILLED.
The snow brought some mighty SLICK roads.
I discovered our 4WD is out on the Durango. Really BAD timing for that to go out.
I spent the day Hemming pants. While Jap worked on his talk for the Spanish Branch (first speaking assignment and they asked him to do it in Portuguese/Spanish) It was a good experience for him to stretch himself.
The snow is starting to get us ready for the Christmas Season. It won't be long now until we have our Lights and Tree up. Our neighbor already has there Christmas Decor up. Jappy asked them "What's the fun in putting up your Christmas lights without Snow and Ice on the roof? Where's the adreneline rush in that?" Oh the things that Jappy Lives for.

B lost a TOOTH!!

Brooklyn lost her first tooth last week!!!

She was so excited for the Tooth Fairy to visit

15 mos

We took the "Bear" to his check up last week. He was a complete ANIMAL in the Doctors office.
He is 'technically' in the 40% for height and weight (according to the nurse). The doctor came in and said "oh he's in the 50 ish %" I said "oh the nurse didn't say that she said 38 and 41%". Dr Fulks says "yeah 50 ish"
We LOVE this DR.!!!!
We sat and visited about my WILD man. I shared my concerns for the lack of vocabulary. He said 'He's right on' and to "NOT compare him to what the girls were doing at this age". He did say that he sees him doing somethings ahead of schedule and to not worry.
What Jay IS doing:
CLIMBING up and on everything
Distinguishes between Mama and Dada. and yells for me 'MAMA'
New Signs: Fish, candy
New words: Shoe, up
No is still not a word in any one's vocabulary
But he understands most of what we say to him.
He jumps, spins and RUNS, catches,and throws Everything
Makes church VERY difficult. I'm constantly apologizing to the people around us because of all the distractions we cause, and for the toys that fly through the air.
Likes to Lead the music and Sing
Loves his bed, blanket and pacifier
Mostly sleeps through the night.
Drinks through a straw
LOVES to give babies hugs
Great eater, loves Vegetables, and sometimes even uses his spoon
Empties any cupboard just to climb in it.
Likes to wear the girls hair accessories. Headbands, ribbons
Loves to be outside
Cries when we leave him, but only for a minute
Gets excited when the girls get home from school
We recently bought him a new car seat and it is forwarding facing and he loves it!!!!
He doesn't take his eye off the window he loves to see all there is to see.
The first day it was turned around I would look back at him and he would giggle every time he saw my face.
He is such a sweet and lovey boy. I wouldn't trade him for anything.
King of the Mountain

Monday, November 9, 2009

The weeks just fly by. Nothing exciting to report. But my mom was complaining about not seeing an update. We had the flu couple weeks ago and I feel like I'm starting to get back in the swing of things.
Magoo climbed out of his crib last week. He hasn't done it since but I'm sure it will happen again. I had laid him down for a nap (or at least I think I did) and went out to get the mail, and when I returned he was wandering the house. I questioned myself "Did I really lay him down?" "No, I laid him down"
I just didn't think he would be escaping so soon. He's constantly trying to get on the table, and gets the biggest grin when he isn't captured before he reaches his destination. A friend of ours has a little boy the same age and he commented on how his little boy is starting to chunk up again.
I said "Jay will never be chunky again, he's too WILD "

"We have had such a warm Fall the kids have spent time outside after school. The girls are so Sweet to him and take him out and play with him, he LOVES it.
We cleaned the garage this weekend. I love it when it's clean. It just makes me happy. We put Summer away, and we are now ready for snow.
Jappy's been playing football once a week with guys from church. They play at the church under the lights. Boys are so silly in that they love to relive the "glory days" Thankfully no injuries or enemies." They All seem to enjoy it. He's also decided to join the Gym. We'll see how long that lasts.