Tuesday, August 25, 2009

1 Day of School @ Syringa Elem.

The girls had a great 1st day!!
When Mady came home after her first day I asked how it went and she said "lunch was great Mom" (So Jappy's)
Brooklyn couldn't stop grinning before or after school. She loves everything about school.
I'm lucky they both enjoying learning! And look forward to going to school.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Back to a Routine!

It's seems like life hasn't slowed for us yet. We're hoping that since school is starting tomorrow that we will not be AS busy and get into more of a routine again.
We went to Arbon Friday night and spent the night with Jessi and Her hubby Bryce. It was like old times. Staying up late, eating junk food, and just visiting. They have a New Basset Hound puppy that the girls enjoyed. We had to remind them often that he is still a puppy, and he might bite and scratch them. Some tears were shed. But it just reaffirmed NO pets for the Jeppsen's just yet. :)
School starts tomorrow. The girls are EXCITED!!! I'm not excited for the early mornings to start again. But I'm ready for some structure in our life.
Jappy Left for Atlanta, GA this morning, and will be gone until Late Friday night. I haven't been left alone without him for more than a day since we were first married, and he worked for North Western Mutual. I'm hoping I survive(the kids too) The girls always have a hard time being away from Dad, even him leaving for work, or to the grocery store they've been known to burst into tears. We all miss him already.
Last week I attend an Especially For Youth with the Young Women. My heart broke for our first speaker. She has Five kids the youngest being 15 mos old twins. Her husband became sick over night. They discovered he had stage 4 cancer. She tended to his every need until he passed away 11 weeks later. She told how she continues to find strength and courage in the scriptures. She found that if she didn't read her scriptures her day was destined to be chaos, and she didn't have patience with anyone. (I need to read mine more)
I was amazed at her outlook on life. She didn't say "Why me" or "Why my family". She didn't give up, or throw in the towel. She picked herself up, and worked through her daily struggles one day at a time, and thanking the Lord for the BLESSINGS that she had received. She TRULY inspired me.
I dread the day that Jappy leaves this life to meet his family on the other side. I hope that I will always remember this women, and her story. And that I am able to look at the eternal perspective, and remember I will be with him forever.
I admire her and people like her, For finding the good in all things.

Saturday, August 22, 2009


Thursday, August 20, 2009

Remember When...

Jay, remember when you only weighed 7lbs 6 oz? My how you've grown in just a short year to 22 lbs.
And how your dad and I would fight over who's turn it was to hold you?
And how you had to eat every 2.5 hours?
And how you depended on me for EVERYTHING. Now your independently telling me what you want, and can go where ever you want.
Remember when you would let me hold you and snuggle you for hours? Now you don't sit still for a minute.
You have changed and grown. And our love for you has deepened. We feel so blessed to call you our son.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Jay's 1

Our Big BOY turned 1.
I wish that time would stand still so that he won't grow anymore. We have TRULY enjoyedevery minute of the last year.

Jay got a tractor. He loves it! He pushes it around the house and makes the car noise with his lips. Its SOO CUTE !!

Jay loved his cupcake.
Thank you Aunt Cathy and Uncle Bob for his gifts. The kids enjoyed watching to see what is going to hatch in the water.
Jay's Milestones:
He signs: more, please, water, eat, milk, he knows what cracker is but can't do it yet.
He eats just about everything that we eat. He feeds himself. He's starting to use his spoon.
He still only has 4 teeth.
climbs up and down stairs. We've started calling him Houdini because he can get out of everything, or climb on top of anything.
He still carries his bat around everywhere he goes and has discovered chasing the girls. He likes to hit them with his bat. (we're trying to stop this bad habit but it's funny to see the girls scream and run from him)
He pretends to talk on the phone. He puts it up to his ear.
He loves to dance
TOUCHDOWN - he raises his hands above his head.
waves hi and goodbye to everyone
Says GO, Go, Go
He mimics our sounds.
He's a laid back snugly little boy that we just can't get enough of.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Fitting it 'ALL' in

We have had a packed couple weeks around here. With school starting next week we're trying to cram as much as we can into what little summer we have left.
There's a dinner theater here that is playing Aladdin. We took the girls last Monday and it was FABULOUS!!!! "We had a wonderful time. The girls LOVED every minute of it.
A friend of ours invited us over for a pool party. We spent 4 hours in the water. It felt so good to just cool off. It's always a fight to get our kids out of the water.

Friday we took the kids to the Rodeo. We ate greasy food, saw lots of animals, had mud thrown at us by a wild bronc, and saw some crazy stubborn Bulls. I always have enjoyed the rodeo. Thank you Call's for a fun night. Before we left I bought the girls pink cowgirl hats which they love, and i found a cute one for Jay that he loves.

I LOVE this picture

The girls with Dallas, and Jay in the back
Saturday night we had an outdoor movie night, complete with treats and great company. It was really fun, but really hard to get everyone up for church the next morning.
I've been gearing up for Girls Camp. I leave tomorrow morning for the week. Jay's birthday is while I'm gone. I feel terrible about that. We'll be celebrating it On Sunday (he doesn't know the difference; that's what I keep telling myself)
Then school starts next week. I've been feeling a little overwhelmed with Camp planning, shopping, school shopping, grocery shopping for my own family and getting my house in order for people to come and stay with the kids. I now feeling confident that I got everything done, and that we should all have a smooth week.