Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

Well we have survived another year of costumes, trick-or-treating, and sugar highs.
The kids had fun at the ward trunk-or-treat. Jay loved having the run of the parking lot. He enjoyed having a candy in each hand and running from car to car.
We only carved one pumpkin. Thank goodness I've decided that carving Real pumpkins is for the birds. None of us like it we just like the end result (and watching Mady gag when she touches the insides). I'm going to joanns on Monday to get a few fake ones for next year.

So Jay was Bam-Bam and I was Betty Rubble and the girls wanted to be cheerleaders. The pics don't do our costumes justice. Jay was adorable with his club in hand. My dress was impressive. I'm pretty proud of my creations.
Uncle Jared is here for a visit. I'm sure every time he leaves here it just reaffirms that he's never going to have kids. Especially after he spends the day with our tornado tomorrow at church. We love when he comes. But sad that those visits are far and few between.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

He's one of "THOSE"

Jay man is full of energy and mischief. I never thought I would have a child like this.
Last night we found him playing with Jappy's phone in the toilet. (thankfully it's insured) My girls NEVER did anything like that. He's constantly emptying cupboards and climbing in. I just heard dishes clinking. I ran upstairs and he's on the table finishing Mady's cereal. AAAHHHH
He is feeling a little under the weather so I would like to think that he would mellow out. BUT NO.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

I've been slacking in my blogging updates.
Last week the girls had Parent Teacher Conferences. Both are excelling in their classes. And they're loving school. I'm enjoying being in their classrooms weekly. It's nice to see what they're doing and meeting the kids they associate with.
We were able to have Brielle come and play a few weeks ago. She's so petite and Jay's such a Bull. He went to play with a toy that she had and she kept yelling at him "don't don't" Jay looked at her confused. He NEVER hears those words around here.
He's not saying a whole lot. He's still waited on hand and foot. We wouldn't have it any other way.
Jappy had a Birthday last week. We didn't do anything extraordinary. We did get a sitter and just the two of us went out to dinner. Which never happens. His birthday fell on Columbus Day so he had the day off. He wanted to do carpool that day so it really felt like it was my birthday, I didn't have to run kids anywhere. The girls love to spend time the their dad and he wouldn't have it any other way.
Work is going well for him. He has been super busy, and has been in a snow storm already. Gotta love Winter (Fall).
Last week was Stake Conference for us and Jappy got a new calling....
He was Called to the High Council. We are shocked, and scared. But I know that he'll do great.
He's over Stake athletics, education, music, and the stake's audit. He has yet to be released from the Elders Quorum. So he has double duty for awhile.
He's a little apprehensive about this new avenue in the church, but excited about getting to know the people in the stake.

I have found myself finding a piece of creativity with in me. I made Jay a cape. It's so cute and he loves it.
Amber brought her clan this weekend to visit and we made some super cute hair bows for our girls, and I made Jay a bow tie. I'm SO PROUD of myself. I cant wait for him to wear it. I finished his BAM BAM costume. He's ADORABLE in it.

Sunday, October 4, 2009


When I was in high school I was So lucky to have a great group of friends. We did almost everything together.
One night the boys decided it would be funny to butter our cars while we were all having a girls night (I really think they just were upset they couldn't be a part of our party)
Anyways I was MAD to say the least and I went to everyone one of there houses to let them know how MAD I was. A Few days later I got a CD of songs that the boys put together, telling me how sorry they were. It is my favorite CD. Over the years and through the moves I have misplaced it. So sad. But every song on it has a memory for me; of them.
I was washing the dishs the other day and this song came on the radio. It made me smile and think of the boys. So I added it to my playlist so that now I can hear it often.
I wish we all stayed in better contact, but life gets busy. We all got married,and have kids of our own. But hopefully someday we will be able to meet one anothers families and pick up where we left off. I sure miss you guys. Psychohosebeasts included!