Sunday, October 4, 2009


When I was in high school I was So lucky to have a great group of friends. We did almost everything together.
One night the boys decided it would be funny to butter our cars while we were all having a girls night (I really think they just were upset they couldn't be a part of our party)
Anyways I was MAD to say the least and I went to everyone one of there houses to let them know how MAD I was. A Few days later I got a CD of songs that the boys put together, telling me how sorry they were. It is my favorite CD. Over the years and through the moves I have misplaced it. So sad. But every song on it has a memory for me; of them.
I was washing the dishs the other day and this song came on the radio. It made me smile and think of the boys. So I added it to my playlist so that now I can hear it often.
I wish we all stayed in better contact, but life gets busy. We all got married,and have kids of our own. But hopefully someday we will be able to meet one anothers families and pick up where we left off. I sure miss you guys. Psychohosebeasts included!


The Larsons said...

Oh, Jenny! Fun memories indeed. We miss you too. We really do need to have a Hosebeast reunion someday. :) What song is it???

Lowd and Proud said...

Hey...I tried to comment the other day at work, but the computer wouldn't let me. Good times....but I can't remember my name. All I remember is that Chrislyn was wolfsnatch. THey say you lose more memory with each child, so I thought you might have enough brains to remember my name. Sorry!!

Paul, TiAnn, Kalispell, and Brinnley Finn said...

Hosebeasts! I miss them all too. However inappropriate we were, you ladies were great sports and at times put us in our places when we needed it. Boys need strong girls to help motivate us to always choose the right. You ladies were all great influences. Those boys are now men who must teach the next generation. We all might be in trouble. I hope we can all look back and say it was great to be 17 growing up in CDA, I know I can. So many funny stories and lesions learned. That is what life is all about. Thanks for the reminder Jen.

Jeppsen's said...

Paul I need your info to get on to your blog i didn't do it soon enough and now its expired. I feel so out of the loop.

Lowd and Proud said...

Hey Paul- if you read this hook me up too! We want your info!
Thanks, Amber

Jen and Dave said...

Well, you finally have a boy in the house. They get into everything. Boys will be boys. I should have a new post up today. David has to fine tune it. You will see and then you will understand why I need to wait for him. I hope everything is good. Oh, Are you on Facebook? I'm on ALL the time. It's a good way to catch up with the love ones. I should do think and miss you guys.

Paul, TiAnn, Kalispell, and Brinnley Finn said...

Hey for an invite to our blog email TiAnn =

She'll hook you up.