Monday, August 30, 2010

Miss Brielle came for an over nighter. We absolutly LOVED every minute of it. She's sweet, quiet and kept our boy out of trouble. They played so well together. Having 2 two year olds in the house could make someone a little nervous but it was really Fun.

They played on the swing set, Jumped on the trampoline. Talked on toy phones, to each other, Played with magnetic letters, and rode bikes. We were all so sad when her parents came to get her.

I just threw this picture in of our silly boy. Hopefully with having another boy they will do BOY things together and less dress up. :)

Packing it in

It always seems that we wait till the last couple weekends before school starts to get some last minutes of FUN in. We went to Star Valley to visit Nana and Papa. We didn't golf at all this trip but we spent plenty of time at the pool. Jay LOVED riding the Golf Cart around he never wanted to get out. We played several games of shuffle board and played at the park and rode bikes. It was just a nice relaxing low key weekend. And we saw a moose on the way home. That's always exciting. I don't know how i didn't get any pictures of Nana and Papa.

Then the following weekend we went to Logan for a 5K Diabetis walk. Jappys niece Jessi and Brother in law Alan are diabetic. Jessi thought it would be fun to put a team together and raise money for an excellent cause. It was So fun to be together and doing something good at the same time.

The Team
Jay loved that we all matched his shirt. He would point to his and then to Jappy's and then look at his again and smile.
This walk was a little different in that Along the way they had snack breaks. It Was AWESOME!
just after the first mile they had string cheese, granola bars, juice, water, rice crispy treats. Then when we got to the Half way point they had gold fish crackers, tortilla chips and water. My kind of 5K.
Jessi had shirts made for all of us that said (on the front) Diabetes? (the back) Don't you mean Live-abetes - Jessi's needle junkies.

Jay liked to push the stroller
Aunt Kaylene, Cami, Dustin, Brooklyn, Mady, Kyle waiting for snack #2

Jessi arranged to have a picnic at the park. We played bochi ball, ate, and watched the kids play. Jay wrestled with anyone willing. Mostly Jessi, she's a good sport!
Dustin and Cami isn't she cute?? We just LOVE her!!!
We have decided to make it a tradition. I love these kinds of activities, and the memories that we make in the process.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Googly

My baby is 2!!!!
And we are experiencing all that comes with a
2 year Old.

NO is a very prevalent word these days. Along with yelling, hitting, kicking, and throwing himself on the ground. What a JOY!

Happy Birthday Buddy We DO love U.

What our now 2 Year Old is up to;
*Opening doors ,climbing out of his crib, climbs up or on anything grocery store carts included, uses everything as a hat, giving up the pacifier (not willingly) but has done well, loves to put lotion on his hands and have us smell his hands, loves to read with anyone, will read himself to sleep, loves to lay on his pillow at night, he covers himself up, so snug (oh its cute), Wants to know "What happen", Daddy's kisses makes anything feel better, Will wrestle anyone willing,(He plays dirty like his Dad) Turns anything into a Bat and Ball and wants to hit everything, Loves to ride bikes with his sisters. drinks from a cup and doesn't spill 90 % of the time, loves to buckle everything, knows what he wants and doesn't forget about it (stubborn) Shakes hands, high fives, bumps fists with anyone. He loves church for this reason. Goes to Nursery willingly and really enjoys himself. Points out every "BABY" in the store.
He's gotten a little picky with his food but will still eat veggies and fruit and rather drink water than anything else.

We went to the Zoo for his Big Day. We were the only ones there. I let him run wild.
Jay HATED candles on his cake. He cried and yelled HOT HOT and pushed it away. After Jappy blew them out and took them out of his cake he still didn't want anything to do with it. I put him on my lap and fed him than life was good again.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I've been trying to catch up on some much needed sleep and I'm finally feeling rested.
Nana came and stayed with the kids while we were at Camp this year. Jappy also went with me. We thought that it would be a nice get away together. But we hardly saw each other. I was busy with my girls and he was really busy with the other leaders and campers. The kids didn't seem to miss us and didn't give Nana to much of a hard time. Although she was worn out. But we are sure glad she was here. We knew that they were being well taken care of.
Just before we left for camp Jappy started a new job. He is now a commercial lender for US Bank, and he's really excited about it. He really enjoys US Bank.
The girls are starting to Gear up for School. Only 2 1/2 week till they start. Nana did some school shopping with them while we were gone. So there are only a few things left for me to do. THANK YOU NANA!!
Jay man is silly and about to turn 2. He has mastered opening doors and climbing out of the crib.
But he is still so much fun!!
I am 6 1/2 mos and starting to feel pregnant. Bending down is a thing of the past, and I get winded easily. I'm on the down hill slide. We still can not come up with a name. Nothing seems to sound right, fit together or agreed upon. We still have time though.
Summer seems to have flown by and school starting is always a bitter sweet. Enjoy your last weeks of summer. The snow will be flying before we know it.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Girls Camp '10'

I got one more year of camp behind me!!
We had a GREAT week with no real incidents. A little drama but the girls could have cared less. Everyone laughed a lot, got to be silly, stayed up WAY to LATE, Ate really good food, and felt the spirit. I couldn't have asked for anything more.