Sunday, June 12, 2011

Glory Days

Malad High School, Jappy's Alma Mater had an Alumni Football game. Jappy was so excited to get those pads on again. He had a BLAST and thankfully didn't hurt anyone. It was fun to watch him play and to see him reconnect with old friends. He hung around after the game and had several players stop and tell him "You still HIT like a BRICK WALL" He couldn't have been more thrilled to think "He still Had it" Even after 20 Years.

Jappy and his Nephews Austin and Dustin. They were lucky enough to be on the same DOMINATING team.

Jay LOVED watching his Dad out on the field. And insisted on wearing his gloves and Jersey after the game. He still has not taken them off.

The kids in each of the nephews/dads Jersey.

While eating breakfast this morning Jay thought that I needed a recap of the game last night.

"Mom, Dad run and catch the ball." "Mom, Dad run and TACKLE him" "It was SO AWESOME"

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Well I think Summer is coming. The Girls have been out of school for a week and a half and it has rained almost every day. We have tried to fit in a few outdoor activities between storms. We have dusted off the bikes and gotten some excercise. Took the kids Hiking, Lunch in the Park, Dad's baseball games, and lots of walks around the block. We have gone to the library several times for books and activities already, it's turning into our home away from home. We have managed a few cleaning/organizing projects. I'm hoping to continue the battle on CLUTTER!! I'm ready to donate, throw away our Junk, and organize the rest.
We enjoyed a Lightning Storm the other night. We grabbed our chairs and huddled in the garage and watched Mother Natures Light Show.

Jappy is busy with 2 baseball teams, His Calling, Work and trying to fit in time for the Kids.
I Just finished my second 5K. It was a lot tougher than last months race but I did Great and even managed to shave off several minutes on my time. Last weekend I attended Time Out for Women with Friends. We had such a great time together. I am so Lucky to have met such Fun, and Caring Women. I do love those Girls and there is NEVER a Dull moment when we are together.