Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas '10'

Christmas 2010
We made it through another Christmas. Jappy took the week off and we got all our Christmas shopping done 3 days early. We kept it low key but tried to do something special each day. We actually got out and looked at the lights this year, made gingerbread houses, made treats for neighbors, wrote letters to Santa, and read lots and lots of books. The kids were fun to watch opening their gifts. It makes it so much fun when they are so excited about everything and anything.Girls in their Jammies

Jet 6 weeks Isn't he SWEET??

He slept from midnight to 7 this morning. I'm sure it was a fluke thing. But I do feel refreshed!!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Jet's blessing weekend

We had a full weekend of Fun and special events. Since most of my family was together so close to Christmas we decided to celebrate it early. We started with a big dinner, made a Gingerbread house, and then moved into the living room to open gifts. The kids were SPOILED. It was so fun to watch them open gifts. Jay was hilarious!! I love this age for Holidays. Uncle Jared gave him light up shoes and he stomped all around the living room. Aunt Cathy and Uncle Bob gave him a wooden train set that he LOVES!! He would have played that all night if we would have let him.
The girls also got shoes from uncle Jared and lots of fun clothes from Aunt Cathy and Uncle Bob, and Snuggies from Nana. Among so many other things those are just the ones I can remember.
To ensure that we were on time to church everyone had an assignment Sunday Morning. Everyone did a good job helping me get the kids ready and we were still late for church. I'm going to be in trouble doing it on my own.
After Jet's blessing Jappy was set apart for his calling then most everyone came back to our house for cinnamon rolls and hot chocolate bar. It was a super fun afternoon, with super good food. I highly recommend a hot chocolate bar. It was SUPER EASY, and was so good on a cold winter day.

Our niece and nephew

Uncle Jared got the kids a cotton candy machine. The Adults had just as much fun with it, and testing all the different flavors we could make

Waiting to open their loot
Jay got that cute hat from Cathy and Bob. Oh he's CUTE in it!!
The Gingerbread house
It was fun to have everyone and I appreciated their help with preparing food, entertaining kids, and cleaning up. I'm going to miss everyone this Sunday, for sure.
Jet at 2 weeks