Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Odds and Ends

I'm struggling to find time to update The boys are all napping so I thought I better do it before one wakes up. While praying before dinner last night Jay says " Bless Pax that he will be big like my daddy"  That kid says some pretty cute things lately that make us smile.Since Jappy is constantly at Church meetings Jay thinks he needs to have meetings too.  He'll put on his church clothes so him and his dad can have a meeting.  He likes to say " And now we will turn the time over to Daddy Jeppsen  He'll do it at random times. Just makes us laugh. Paxton has been smiling and cooing and making all sorts of cute baby noise. He prefers to lay down to sleep but insists on one arm above his head. He surely is growing. He is in 9 month clothes, some 6 month I can put him in. As long as they don't have feet in them.  He is a long baby.  Random people have stopped me and said "Looks like you might have a line backer" I tell them " that's what his dad is hoping for" It won't be long before he passes Jet in weight. 
 Jappy and his Brother Brian and Pax.
 We took everyone to Idaho Falls a couple weeks ago. for a Great nephews baptism. We did some shopping while we were there.  Keep in mind that this was our First family of Five outing. Oh my word. I was exhausted by the time we got home. But I am happy to report we didn't lose anyone or purposely leave them.

Sonic Is all the rage at our house lately. U can't beat half price slushies and limeades and late night half price milkshakes. We've been driving through car lots at night, as to find a car and dodge the salesmen. So the other night we took the kids car lot hopping, and stopped at Sonic on the way home.  The three big kids slurped away on their drinks and all three instantly grabbed their heads and yelled "Brain Freeze"  Hilarious. It happened more than once that night.  Goof Balls.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Guilt is a funny thing.  After the shooting in Sandy hook I heard a lot of parents talk about survivors guilt. Parents who were relieved that their child was spared but saddened by those who were not.  Yesterday I felt this same way.  A friend of ours 2 month old baby passed away due to complications of SIDS over the weekend.  I have survivors guilt. Every time I hold our baby, or he smiles at me, or even when I just walk by him while he's laying on the couch. I feel guilt. Guilt that our friend won't be able to hold her baby, or hear his first laugh, or experience the million other milestones that come from raising him. Our Girls fasted this past Sunday for the very first time. They fasted for their friends. That they would be comforted.  I was amazed at the faith that they had,  They did not complain once of their hunger, but were so focused on the Savior easing this families heartache. 
Jappy and I have talked about how quickly our lives could change. That this unspeakable heartache just as easily could have been ours. We have mourned with those that mourn. We have prayed for Peace and comfort Be with this family in their time of Need, and Loss.  And we have held and kissed our baby a million times. For we don't know when our mission on earth is done.