Monday, October 25, 2010

We're Cookin Now

Jay likes to play with anything. Especially if it has to do with dumping out drawers.
The Girls participated in a Health week at school. They learned healthy tips each day and then on Friday the whole school participated in a 1 mile fun run. It was fun to cheer the kids on to the finish line. It was even better to see them make healthy choices through out the week to prepare for it.

My brother and his wife came for a visit this last week, which we all enjoyed. I think they might have needed a couple of days to recoup after entertaining us all for four days. We CRAFTED, SHOPPED, SEWED, WASHED BABY CLOTHES, PUT TOGETHER THE CAR SEAT, and FIXED a LEAKING SHOWER. That's not mentioning all the games played, movies watched, and books read to the kids. Looking back it might have been a little more work than they had anticipated. But we sure appreciated all the help and company that went along with it.
Jumping on the trampoline and Miss Lilo enjoying a little peace and quiet in the sun while Jay napped.
Crafting, and a Morning Movie
Jay loves his Uncle BOB. Anyone willing to wrestle, and be rough and tough jay is easily attached to. I saw Jay tackle Brooklyn outside and I opened the door and yelled at him "To be nice or he had to come inside" the next thing I see was Uncle Bob holding out his hand for a HIGH FIVE. I can't wait for them to have kids so that we can return ALL the Favors!! :)

I had a Dr's. visit and everything is well and moving right along. I'm dilated to a 1 and I have contractions all the time. Nana will be here on the 11 of Nov. I'm still planning on being induced on the 12. I'm not sure if the kids are more excited about her visit or the baby. I'm feeling good. I can't complain. Tired? YES. But what Mom isn't? Hard to Breath? YES But when you gain 30lbs in a short amount of time who doesn't? Sore back? YES. Once again Thank you 30 lbs.
BUT, I am enjoying my last couple of weeks with the soon to be BIG BROTHER.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


We've been infected with colds/pink eye and ear infections the last 2 and a half weeks. Three cheers for cold and flu season. Although Jay and I got our flu shot this year. We'll see how we do from here on out. The girls and Jappy have been unscathed but for some reason Jay and I are the only ones that have been sick. Jay had his 2 year check up and all is good. He is average in all his measurements. Jappy really wants him to "BULK UP" Oh silly DADDY.
I have recently been summond to Jury Duty . My very first time, and its the week I'm DUE. (I have an induction date Nov 12, 5 days before my due date) Upon filling out my paperwork found out that my drivers license is expired and has been since JANUARY. Even further more I have lost my license, its been MIA for about a year. I'm really lucky I haven't been pulled over. Thankfully the ladies at the DMV are so sweet. I was in and out of there with in 10 minutes. That's darn good service. Not only that but after they took my picture she let me look at it to see if I approved of the picture. It was the BEST experience at the DMV EVER!!!
I'm mostly happy that I didn't have to take a test, pay a fine, or go to JAIL.

Sunday, October 3, 2010


I love low key weekends. I swear that doesn't happen enough. We played dominoes, played with play dough, worked on a puzzle, colored, and we didn't get out of our pajamas till mid afternoon. And we hardly had any fighting.
Waiting for his Breakfast. Classic Jay. He is always resting his head in his hand.
I'm hoping this week I can get my Halloween out. The girls don't have school Thursday or Friday. So I should have some good help.