Monday, June 28, 2010

The Morning Show

We have had a fair amount of construction going on behind us. 10 houses have been going up since spring. Jay is loving all the action outside the kitchen windows. Each morning I position his high chair in front of the window while he eats breakfast. He enjoys every minute of his breakfast show.

Thursday, June 24, 2010


I hadn't been feeling well and decided to make a Dr. appointment for myself. We had an ultrasound and sure enough I'm pregnant. I questioned the Dr. "Are you sure?" and I could see on the monitor for myself. "Yep there really is something in there." I am 19 weeks, and the idea of having a baby is starting to grow on me I had another ultra sound today and its a
Jappy is ELATED! I'm well............................
Getting there.
This baby is a surprise. Just after we found out (The next day actually) Brooklyn prayed that we would have another baby. Jappy and I just looked at each other in shock. She continued to pray for a baby for 3 1/2 months before we told them. It amazes me how close to the spirit kids really are. The girls are so excited!!!
It has taken me several months to warm up to the idea of having another baby. My hands are full with a certain almost 2 year old. Thus the public announcement so late in the game.. But just think now I'm half way done.
The baby is healthy and has all his major organs and limbs. We took the girls with us so they could see the baby. They have been looking forward to it for weeks. The Babe is due Nov. 16, or there abouts.

Monday, June 14, 2010


I really don't know why I'm surprised when Jay falls, and is bleeding, scratches furniture, breaks everything and anything. But his latest mischief has taken the cake. (for now)
We have a speaker/sublifer that he likes to reach his hand into.
Jappy had just walked in the door from his early meeting when the girls ran up and said Jay was stuck. The Pictures say it ALL

The pacifier was the reason he put his hand in it. He threw it in there then wanted it back

This was after step 2. He calmed down after Jappy got the pacifier out

Jappy spraying Pam in the hole to try and loosen it. NO LUCK. IT was TOO TIGHT.
He got the Black cylinder off and then used Q-tips dipped in butter to get the last piece off. After 30 mins. We were all relieved when he was finally freed.
I hope he thinks twice about sticking his arm in things
I 'm sure this is the beginning of many freak accidents in this little boys life.