Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween 2012

We took the kids to a pumpkin patch to pick out pumpkins. We also went on a horse carriage ride.  It was our FIRST FAMILY outing since I had Pax He stayed in the car seat well covered during the outing. It was a Chilly day.

Halloween Trunk or Treat.  Brooklyn is Dorothy Mady is an 80's Rocker. Jay is a Knight. Jet is a Lion.  The kids came home with LOADS of Candy as usual. It felt so good to get out of the house. and to get fresh air, and see friends.  We have been so Blessed with good friends. We have tried hard to keep Paxton out of public places to protect him. But that comes with Lack of Socializing for us. Its a small price to pay for a Healthy Baby.

Saturday, October 20, 2012


Paxton is a Champ. We are loving every second of this baby.

He was a scheduled induction.  I was told to call the hospital at 5 am. So I did, only to be denied due to lack of beds.  They took my number and told me they would call me when a bed opened up.  I wasn't going to leave it to chance of them forgetting about me so I called again at 7 and again at 10. By 10 o'clock I was frustrated and let the nurse know I was not going to go one more night being pregnant. She assured me that I would have the baby today and that she promised she would call. I felt slightly better. Little did I know my Dr. was also calling the hospital to get me a bed open. The last month and a half of this pregnancy had been difficult.  My body was retaining so much water I was swollen constantly and the water retention was causing carpal tunnel in my hands.  I couldn't sleep at night because of the tingly\numbness.(the feeling still hasn't returned to my fingers) It was very uncomfortable. My phone rang at 11:30 saying they were ready for me so left the boys with Nana Jacque and headed out . They broke my water and we were well on our way. I had wonderful nurses. I love Labor and Delivery. We had a good time together.  Jappy as usual kept us all entertained.  Dr. Jones stopped by and added to the party and to just  harass me.  There was a Resident that was working that day that I didn't care for. I was dialated to a 4 and he told me i would still be laboring for another 4 hours at least.  I told him that wouldn\t be the case, and that I go fast. He said "We'll see" Well 30 mins later I showed Mr. Know It All that he was wrong. Paxton Ace was born at 2:30 Jappy stopped  everyone just as I was ready to push and told them he needed a BIG BOY 8.10 He said. The nurses all agreed he was a mean husband.  He changed his tune when we struggled with getting his shoulders through. Pax entered the world with out a cry. He just looked around.It made his parents very nervous. They assured us all was well. We didn't hear Pax cry until the next day even.
The pediatrician came in and took a look at him. He had a listen to his heart and right away heard a very prominent murmur. He ordered him an ultrasound and EKG to confirm what he heard.  Everyone was so calm about it we weren't worried. The ultrasound showed that his tricuspid valve was not closing properly causing a regurgitation of the blood from one chamber of his heart to the other. causing the murmur and an enlargement of his heart. The pediatrician on call made a phone call to a Peds Cardiologist in Salt Lake to get a quick consult.  He ordered Pax to  Be on oxygen and made us an appointment to meet with him.  He comes to Pocatello every 5 weeks to see heart patients. We were lucky enough to have him coming into town in the next week.  The reason for the oxygen is to keep the pressure off his heart and keep it from over working itself. We met with the cardiologist and he put a lot of our fears at ease.  He's confident that his heart will heal itself with time, and he will have a normal healthy life. He wants Pax to stay on the oxygen for the next 5 weeks. We will have another ultrasound and EKG at that time to check it's progress.  We feel lucky we were able to bring him home.  I don't care for the extra piece of luggage we pack around the house with him, but its a small price to pay. I was lucky enough to have lots of help this time around. Jappy took two weeks off to help and my mom and aunt came for a few days. Not to mention all our friends taking our kids for a couple hours to help us out. We felt very loved.
 Where did we get his name? Paxton Ace Jeppsen. His initials Spell Jap backwards. Paxton's middle name came from Jappy's Mission President, Wayne Ace Milward. 
We have felt so blessed with his sweet baby despite this little hiccup with his heart. It has made us step back and re evaluate what is important. He is loved on, and cuddled, 
kissed, and hugged more than any of our other babies. He is sweet, and patient, and content with whatever is going on. He sleeps four and a half to five hours a night. (I know...He's a GEM) It's amazing how much more pleasent we all are when we sleep good.
I was not the happiest when I found out I was pregnant nor when we found out it was a boy. But I wouldn't trade him for anything. He was meant to be in the arms of our family.
Pax Sleeps in the Boppy all swaddled up.

Our lil PUNKIN