Monday, September 28, 2009

Jay loves to play and get into things.
I made muffins Saturday morning and he thought he would help himself to as many as he could fit in his little hands. He was pretty proud of himself.

Small spaces have become his favorite place to play.
When doing the laundry he scurries into the drier as fast as he can, because he KNOWS he's not to be in there. He has discovered the lazy suzanne that I keep my pots and pans in. He enjoyed his lil merry go round

He discovered he can climb the chairs. I found him on the couch looking over the banister, down the stairs.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Inspiring Weekend

We have had an emotional and spiritual weekend. I spent the weekend in Logan with my sister-in-laws, and nieces for Time Out for Women. It was a wonderful two days there, Listening to the speakers and feeling the spirit so strong. I look forward to these weekends every year to recharge, and remember how important my job as a mother is. It helps me appreciate the blessing that I've been given. I love it and I'm looking forward to next years.
While I was gone Jappy took the kids to Tremonton to reunite with his extended cousins. Jappy's uncle Glade was in attendance, He resembles Jappys dad a great deal. The kids had the opportunity to meet him and get an idea of what Grandpa Jeppsen looked like. It was an emotional moment for Jap. As it always is when we see Uncle Glade. However He did not get any pictures So if anyone took any send them my way.
Today we fasted for a family friend. We felt the power of the Holy Ghost with us all day. Our heart is full of love and gratitude for this young boy, and feel blessed that we were able to take part in a fast on his behalf. We don't know what is in store for him but we know that the Lord is aware of him and his family.

Two weeks ago we took the kids to the state fair in Blackfoot. They enjoyed the animals and lots of fair food. The got to pet a steer, and milk a cow (not a real cow) they did however see the cows get hooked up to the milking machine... interesting.
Somehow we got out of them riding rides. Lucky I know. That saved us some money :) but it was a fun night out.
School is going well for them. Last week was my first week in the classroom with them. It feels good to be there and to meet their friends and get a better feel for their teachers. This weekend is the school carnival and I'm lucky enough to be in charge of a few things. Hopefully all will go well.
Magoo......... The mornings are INSANE. That's when he's at his peak of business. While I fix the girls hair in the morning he dives into the tub and plays with the bath toys, and climbs in and out repeatedly. Then while I was getting ready to leave for Logan he opened the drawer that I keep the curling irons and and hair dryerin, and emptied it out and climbed in.
He makes us Laugh daily with the things he finds to play with, or puts on his head.

The girls love bath time in our tub. Bubbles are their most favorite thing. They love to make themselves hats and crowns with the bubbles.
Football season is in full swing at our house. We had a small get together last Sunday for the First game of the season. Oh how I love football season. I'm being VERY sarcastic. It wouldn't be so bad if he only watched 1 game but when he records everyone AAAHHHH
I'm looking forward to February already. :)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Still Going

Apparently It is Wrong to think that our life will slow down. Because It really has not. The girls are loving school!!! Jay and I are enjoying our quiet time at home. Jappy's job is going well and he's busier than ever. So we can't complain at all. But we always have some sort of activity we need to get to.
Nana and Papa came for a visit. The kids wore them out, but they had a good time. I didn't even have projects for them this time, so they really did get a vacation. We made LOTS of GOOD food, and watched lots of movies, and just enjoyed being together. Jay liked Papa and preferred him over Nana. STINKER But I shouldn't be surprised, the girls were the same way.
We're hoping to take the girls to the fair this weekend. Around this time of year I CRAVE elephant ears (tiger ears) Something about the end of August and I start to crave them. So I will be getting my own and not sharing. They won't be same as our elephant ears but they'll have to do. I can't wait