Sunday, October 9, 2011

We participated in the Annual Diabeties walk in Logan UT with our Niece Jessi. We look forward to this every year. This Year it POURED for most of the walk. We were SOAKED. But it made for a good memory. After we finished the walk Jessi planned a lunch for everyone. During Lunch she made an exciting announcement. SHE'S PREGNANT!!! We couldn't be more Happy for her and Bryce. They are going to be wonderful Parents.

We have Matching shirts for the walk. Jessi had special ones made up for her and Bryce that Said "PREGNANT" on them. It took us a little while to realize what they said. But after we figured it out the Happy News spread like Wild Fire.

Several weeks ago Jay and a couple other neighbor boys were found in our garage. They were sitting around Jays bike along with a pile of skrew drivers and hammers and what ever else they thought they needed to "fix' Jays Bike. They were so CUTE. There was nothing wrong with it, but their "fix it" had kicked in. Come to find out the boys had ventured house to house to do the same to the other boys bikes.

Jaymon, Jackson, Jay

Jappy has taught Mady to Mow the yard this summer and she has caught on and does a really good job. Jappy's mom had a mower she didn't need anymore so she gave it to us. Now that we have two Mowing the lawn is a BREEZE. The BEST part?? I haven't had to mow ALL SUMMER!

We made a Fort today or a "FORK" as Jay calls it.

Jetty bug is 11 mos this week. He's giving kisses claps his hands, stands on his own for a few seconds, says Mama, and Dada, plays peek-a-boo and is just plain ADORABLE!!