Sunday, November 30, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Jay and Daddy enjoying their dinner!

Brooklyn helped me make pie. She mostly played in the flour.

We stayed home and had Thanksgiving with another family in our ward. It was nice to have company for dinner. It helped us not miss our families as much. Jappy played football, and he came home with NO broken bones. (I'm so proud of him) Just sore muscles and joints.
WE asked the girls what they were most thankfull for. It always amazes me at how much love they have for us and each other. Mady's thankfull for Her family. B's thankfully for her baby brother and her sister. I'm also thankfull for my family and Baby Jay. And so many other things that I take for granted every day. My Home, electricity, The church, Primary teachers that teach the girls things that I miss, Good friends that keep me sane, And Jappy who can make anything FUN.

Monday, November 24, 2008

We're up and running

I came in from the garage and found this.

Brielle and Jay Today 11/24 their just 2 weeks apart and Jay seems like a giant. Brielle grabbed onto his hand isn't that sweet?

Seattle Mariners FANS Thanks Nana and Papa

Mady won 3rd place in the ISU's Punt, Pass, Kick She was so proud of her trophy. Jappy was just as thrilled.

Oh I love having a BOY

Happy Halloween

The kids were pirates for Halloween thanks to Nana for the costumes they looked fantastic

I plan to crop and blow this picture up. Jappy took it about a month ago and I think it turned out Great.

Smiley Boy
We decided today that we are Headed north for a few days in December. I can't remember the exact dates but it will be the weekend of the 20 We're all excited to see everyone and for you to meet Jay.