Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas '10'

Christmas 2010
We made it through another Christmas. Jappy took the week off and we got all our Christmas shopping done 3 days early. We kept it low key but tried to do something special each day. We actually got out and looked at the lights this year, made gingerbread houses, made treats for neighbors, wrote letters to Santa, and read lots and lots of books. The kids were fun to watch opening their gifts. It makes it so much fun when they are so excited about everything and anything.Girls in their Jammies

Jet 6 weeks Isn't he SWEET??

He slept from midnight to 7 this morning. I'm sure it was a fluke thing. But I do feel refreshed!!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Jet's blessing weekend

We had a full weekend of Fun and special events. Since most of my family was together so close to Christmas we decided to celebrate it early. We started with a big dinner, made a Gingerbread house, and then moved into the living room to open gifts. The kids were SPOILED. It was so fun to watch them open gifts. Jay was hilarious!! I love this age for Holidays. Uncle Jared gave him light up shoes and he stomped all around the living room. Aunt Cathy and Uncle Bob gave him a wooden train set that he LOVES!! He would have played that all night if we would have let him.
The girls also got shoes from uncle Jared and lots of fun clothes from Aunt Cathy and Uncle Bob, and Snuggies from Nana. Among so many other things those are just the ones I can remember.
To ensure that we were on time to church everyone had an assignment Sunday Morning. Everyone did a good job helping me get the kids ready and we were still late for church. I'm going to be in trouble doing it on my own.
After Jet's blessing Jappy was set apart for his calling then most everyone came back to our house for cinnamon rolls and hot chocolate bar. It was a super fun afternoon, with super good food. I highly recommend a hot chocolate bar. It was SUPER EASY, and was so good on a cold winter day.

Our niece and nephew

Uncle Jared got the kids a cotton candy machine. The Adults had just as much fun with it, and testing all the different flavors we could make

Waiting to open their loot
Jay got that cute hat from Cathy and Bob. Oh he's CUTE in it!!
The Gingerbread house
It was fun to have everyone and I appreciated their help with preparing food, entertaining kids, and cleaning up. I'm going to miss everyone this Sunday, for sure.
Jet at 2 weeks

Thursday, November 18, 2010

And He shall be called........

Jet David Jeppsen

I took these this week with the help of my assistance. My mom and Jay

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Jeppsen Boy Birth Story

I was induced on Friday and we had a wonderful fast delivery. I love labor and delivery. Just everything about it. Only because I get the drugs I'm sure. My Dr. broke my water @ 8:30 am my drugs at 9:30 and I delivered at 10:24am. With one push. He had a cord issue that the Dr. had to cut before he came out. The baby's face was so bruised because of the quick delivery, and the tight cord. He was purple for the rest of the day The nurse assured us he was breathing even though he looked like he wasn't. Amazingly enough his face cleared up by the next morning.
The baby sleeps well at night and is eating good. (I'm REALLY PROUD OF MYSELF nursing is hard for me) He's such a sweet baby and we have all instantly fallen in love with him. We do Not have a name yet. We are working on it. We are down to two names. We thought for sure we would know it when he came but we are still struggling but we are getting closer. :)

The kids love him and we are all adjusting to having a newborn. Jay is very good with him and loves him. Surprisingly enough he doesn't get jealous but by the end of the day he misses his momma and wants to just be with me. I miss him too.
We are all well and I'm feeling really good. Almost back to normal. actually.
Among the exciting news of having a baby We had other news. 2 days before I had the baby Jappy was called to serve as the first counselor in the bishopric. I kept telling the stake that it was really bad timing, surely the Lord could have better timing. :) Sunday's are going to be interesting for awhile with a newborn and a wild two year old. To say the least. I should not complain. The bishop has his 8th on the way and the other counselor has 6 the last being just barely 1.
Thankfully we have a fantastic ward full of wonderful people whom have become great friends and have offered to help in any way. I have one more Sunday off and than let the 'fun' begin!!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Baby BOY Jeppsen

Baby Boy 7 lbs 11oz born 20.5 in @ 10:24 am Fri Nov 12, 2010

Monday, October 25, 2010

We're Cookin Now

Jay likes to play with anything. Especially if it has to do with dumping out drawers.
The Girls participated in a Health week at school. They learned healthy tips each day and then on Friday the whole school participated in a 1 mile fun run. It was fun to cheer the kids on to the finish line. It was even better to see them make healthy choices through out the week to prepare for it.

My brother and his wife came for a visit this last week, which we all enjoyed. I think they might have needed a couple of days to recoup after entertaining us all for four days. We CRAFTED, SHOPPED, SEWED, WASHED BABY CLOTHES, PUT TOGETHER THE CAR SEAT, and FIXED a LEAKING SHOWER. That's not mentioning all the games played, movies watched, and books read to the kids. Looking back it might have been a little more work than they had anticipated. But we sure appreciated all the help and company that went along with it.
Jumping on the trampoline and Miss Lilo enjoying a little peace and quiet in the sun while Jay napped.
Crafting, and a Morning Movie
Jay loves his Uncle BOB. Anyone willing to wrestle, and be rough and tough jay is easily attached to. I saw Jay tackle Brooklyn outside and I opened the door and yelled at him "To be nice or he had to come inside" the next thing I see was Uncle Bob holding out his hand for a HIGH FIVE. I can't wait for them to have kids so that we can return ALL the Favors!! :)

I had a Dr's. visit and everything is well and moving right along. I'm dilated to a 1 and I have contractions all the time. Nana will be here on the 11 of Nov. I'm still planning on being induced on the 12. I'm not sure if the kids are more excited about her visit or the baby. I'm feeling good. I can't complain. Tired? YES. But what Mom isn't? Hard to Breath? YES But when you gain 30lbs in a short amount of time who doesn't? Sore back? YES. Once again Thank you 30 lbs.
BUT, I am enjoying my last couple of weeks with the soon to be BIG BROTHER.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


We've been infected with colds/pink eye and ear infections the last 2 and a half weeks. Three cheers for cold and flu season. Although Jay and I got our flu shot this year. We'll see how we do from here on out. The girls and Jappy have been unscathed but for some reason Jay and I are the only ones that have been sick. Jay had his 2 year check up and all is good. He is average in all his measurements. Jappy really wants him to "BULK UP" Oh silly DADDY.
I have recently been summond to Jury Duty . My very first time, and its the week I'm DUE. (I have an induction date Nov 12, 5 days before my due date) Upon filling out my paperwork found out that my drivers license is expired and has been since JANUARY. Even further more I have lost my license, its been MIA for about a year. I'm really lucky I haven't been pulled over. Thankfully the ladies at the DMV are so sweet. I was in and out of there with in 10 minutes. That's darn good service. Not only that but after they took my picture she let me look at it to see if I approved of the picture. It was the BEST experience at the DMV EVER!!!
I'm mostly happy that I didn't have to take a test, pay a fine, or go to JAIL.

Sunday, October 3, 2010


I love low key weekends. I swear that doesn't happen enough. We played dominoes, played with play dough, worked on a puzzle, colored, and we didn't get out of our pajamas till mid afternoon. And we hardly had any fighting.
Waiting for his Breakfast. Classic Jay. He is always resting his head in his hand.
I'm hoping this week I can get my Halloween out. The girls don't have school Thursday or Friday. So I should have some good help.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

58 Days

I will be eight months this week and things are going well. Time is going faster than I would like. He will be here before we know it.

My mom keeps asking for a picture so I'm pleasing her. I made a comment to my Dr. Last month of how I feel so much bigger with this pregnancy. She said "Oh no your not, Stick around here for the day and you'll see BIG. I just feel that way or I should say my clothes make me feel that way. :)
Jay is catching on to my ever growing belly and will point to it and say BABY!!
I have seen such a change in him since my girls have started school. His vocabulary has grown, and it just seems like he has caught on to things faster. I Love being home with him.

Friday, September 3, 2010

First Day of School

The Girls had a Great First Day of School. Mady's in 3rd and B's in 1st. Brooklyn Said she was tired. I believe it. It's hard to go all day. Mady's comment was " It was a GREAT DAY MOM it was the first time in a long time that I didn't get yelled at once " Ya that makes me feel good. Isn't that in the mom description?
They are such good girls I'm really proud of the little ladies that they are becoming! I'm looking forward to a great school year of watching them learn and grow.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Miss Brielle came for an over nighter. We absolutly LOVED every minute of it. She's sweet, quiet and kept our boy out of trouble. They played so well together. Having 2 two year olds in the house could make someone a little nervous but it was really Fun.

They played on the swing set, Jumped on the trampoline. Talked on toy phones, to each other, Played with magnetic letters, and rode bikes. We were all so sad when her parents came to get her.

I just threw this picture in of our silly boy. Hopefully with having another boy they will do BOY things together and less dress up. :)

Packing it in

It always seems that we wait till the last couple weekends before school starts to get some last minutes of FUN in. We went to Star Valley to visit Nana and Papa. We didn't golf at all this trip but we spent plenty of time at the pool. Jay LOVED riding the Golf Cart around he never wanted to get out. We played several games of shuffle board and played at the park and rode bikes. It was just a nice relaxing low key weekend. And we saw a moose on the way home. That's always exciting. I don't know how i didn't get any pictures of Nana and Papa.

Then the following weekend we went to Logan for a 5K Diabetis walk. Jappys niece Jessi and Brother in law Alan are diabetic. Jessi thought it would be fun to put a team together and raise money for an excellent cause. It was So fun to be together and doing something good at the same time.

The Team
Jay loved that we all matched his shirt. He would point to his and then to Jappy's and then look at his again and smile.
This walk was a little different in that Along the way they had snack breaks. It Was AWESOME!
just after the first mile they had string cheese, granola bars, juice, water, rice crispy treats. Then when we got to the Half way point they had gold fish crackers, tortilla chips and water. My kind of 5K.
Jessi had shirts made for all of us that said (on the front) Diabetes? (the back) Don't you mean Live-abetes - Jessi's needle junkies.

Jay liked to push the stroller
Aunt Kaylene, Cami, Dustin, Brooklyn, Mady, Kyle waiting for snack #2

Jessi arranged to have a picnic at the park. We played bochi ball, ate, and watched the kids play. Jay wrestled with anyone willing. Mostly Jessi, she's a good sport!
Dustin and Cami isn't she cute?? We just LOVE her!!!
We have decided to make it a tradition. I love these kinds of activities, and the memories that we make in the process.