Thursday, November 18, 2010

And He shall be called........

Jet David Jeppsen

I took these this week with the help of my assistance. My mom and Jay

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Jeppsen Boy Birth Story

I was induced on Friday and we had a wonderful fast delivery. I love labor and delivery. Just everything about it. Only because I get the drugs I'm sure. My Dr. broke my water @ 8:30 am my drugs at 9:30 and I delivered at 10:24am. With one push. He had a cord issue that the Dr. had to cut before he came out. The baby's face was so bruised because of the quick delivery, and the tight cord. He was purple for the rest of the day The nurse assured us he was breathing even though he looked like he wasn't. Amazingly enough his face cleared up by the next morning.
The baby sleeps well at night and is eating good. (I'm REALLY PROUD OF MYSELF nursing is hard for me) He's such a sweet baby and we have all instantly fallen in love with him. We do Not have a name yet. We are working on it. We are down to two names. We thought for sure we would know it when he came but we are still struggling but we are getting closer. :)

The kids love him and we are all adjusting to having a newborn. Jay is very good with him and loves him. Surprisingly enough he doesn't get jealous but by the end of the day he misses his momma and wants to just be with me. I miss him too.
We are all well and I'm feeling really good. Almost back to normal. actually.
Among the exciting news of having a baby We had other news. 2 days before I had the baby Jappy was called to serve as the first counselor in the bishopric. I kept telling the stake that it was really bad timing, surely the Lord could have better timing. :) Sunday's are going to be interesting for awhile with a newborn and a wild two year old. To say the least. I should not complain. The bishop has his 8th on the way and the other counselor has 6 the last being just barely 1.
Thankfully we have a fantastic ward full of wonderful people whom have become great friends and have offered to help in any way. I have one more Sunday off and than let the 'fun' begin!!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Baby BOY Jeppsen

Baby Boy 7 lbs 11oz born 20.5 in @ 10:24 am Fri Nov 12, 2010