Saturday, March 27, 2010

Spring Break

Spring Break was uneventful. The week went by super fast. We got some spring cleaning done and did a few fun things. We spent the night out in Arbon, and went to church and had good food and great company while we were there.

Jessi and Jay having a mid morning snack together. Jay trying on every pair of shoes in the house. He preferred the DIRTY ones.

We took the kids roller skating one night. The girls are getting good on skates. Mady especially. She zips right around the rink. Brooklyn's still cautious but is getting more comfortable with it. Jay liked watching everyone around him until he noticed the games. Then all he wanted to do was "drive"

We did a mutual activity at the rec center where we harnessed up all the youth and they rock climbed the night away. It was a really fun activity and all the kids enjoyed it. (It's hard to please teenagers, we were so glad they all partcipated and had fun) Jappy came to help with the activity so the kids also had a chance to climb. They loved it, and we had a hard time getting them to leave. I couldn't get a good picture of Mady. She was a climbing machine.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

19 mos.

My baby is 19 months He is fully of energy and mischief.

What he's up to: Toothbrush's, it doesn't matter who's it is he uses it. Fascinated with the toilet and throwing things in it. He likes to watch America Funniest Home Videos on mom's lap. Started going to nursery Sometimes willingly and sometimes forcefully. Pretends he's a dog. Pushes chairs, stools, and toys around to get up on things; counters, tables, window sills. He can barely reach the counters, and is constantly getting a hold of cups, knives, scissors. He doesn't get very far as we are right there with him but he tries. Loves baby girls. He's a lover. He wants to be outside, and screams when he has to come in. He loves anything Round or resembles a bat. Loves to empty my cupboards and climb in. When he wakes up in the morning he yells for his daddy to come and get him. He loves to hold the shower head while in the shower and hates getting out. Constantly getting bumps and bruises. He needs a football helmet and pads to wear constantly.

He tries to read and pray. He will fold his arms and babble over whoever is praying . It's adorable!! It makes us feel like were doing something right. He loves attention and DEMANDS it(especially mom's attention) He's slightly spoiled.
Favorite Foods: mini marshmallows, chicken, cereal with strawberries, banana, apples, steamed veggies, anything sweet
Dislikes: milk, he's pretty picky, food that he likes one day he won't like the next.
What he's saying: momma, daddy baby, cheese hi, uh oh, apple, ball, cracker, kitty, fishy, two, nana, Jay, Mady, uh-oh He's trying to talk but it just comes out gibberish.
We LOVE our googly bear. He is such a fun boy, and keeps us on our toes.