Monday, May 31, 2010

Schools Out for Summer

The girls finished school!! We are all ready to sleep in an not have a schedule. We celebrated the day with having an ice cream party with the neighbor kids. It was a fun way to end a GREAT YEAR!!

Then we headed to Arbon for a day in the MUD! We ran the gas out of almost every thing on wheels. It was a BLAST. We had to have Smores to end our night. It's TRADITION.

We took the kids on a bike ride on Memorial Day we packed snacks and water and rode our hearts out. What a great way to kick start our summer.

Saturday, May 22, 2010


Miss Brielle came for a Slumber Party. The kids had a lot of fun together, riding bikes, playing with balls, jumping on the trampoline, swinging, playing chase and racing cars. She tolerated the 'bull' nicely and squealed and giggled when he would chase her around the house.
She looks a little scared in the buggy but she really enjoyed it.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Mady's Baptism

Mady's baptism turned out Beautifully!!! We had so many come and support her. We had lots of company for the weekend. Our house at times seemed like it was busting at the seams. We played games, ate a TON of food, and drank A LOT of PEPSI. It was too bad the weather did not cooperate. We planned on several activities that just didn't happen because of the rain. So we spent most of our time inside.
My brother came from Texas with his family. The kids were fun to listen to while playing. I didn't do very good with taking pictures. I'm waiting patiently for everyone else to forward me what they have.

Jay and Great Grandma doing tricks. Oh it was funny and she just got a kick out of him.

Jaiden and Jay and my dad in the back. These two were funny. Jay took on the role of a bully and drove me crazy. He was constantly CHASING Jaiden, wrestling him to the ground and taking his toys away. We had to keep an eye on him. I don't think Jaiden will miss him. Kai on the other hand loved to be with the girls, and they loved to be with him. He has grown into a little boy, since the last time we saw him. We all enjoyed our time with them.
Nana and her Pepsi (in a martini glass) Silly

Mady on her way to the church. The sun was in her eyes. Poor kid
Thank you everyone who and came and gave Mady special baptism gifts. We are still working on Thank you cards. Be patient, she's working on them. We Truly appreciate everyone's thoughts, love and support for Mady.

Last month we went to Coeur d'Alene for a visit. We had a GREAT time. Camping in the living room, Picnics in the park, a very special baptism of a friend, Playing in the yard with Duncan, a little shopping, Lots of 4wheel riding, good food (as always), game playing, Roasting Smores, visiting with good friends, and just all around good time. Thanks Mom and Dad for always making the kids feel special and SO LOVED!!!
Since we were in town. We made a stop by the bank Jappy use to work at. It was so good to see the ladies, and know that they missed us and our kids. They have always been so sweet to them. Jay came home with a HUGE sucker and he was a MESS. Those sweet ladies just ate him up. Stickiness and ALL.

We picked up sticks around the yard for our fire and Jay insisted on riding in the bucket (sticks and all) Brooklyn was getting disgusted with him, because he made the bucket too heavy for her to push.

We left later than we like to so we thought what the heck lets make a few stop along the way. We drove through Wallace. By our old house, and the pool we spent a lot of time at (it only costs .50 to get in) The Bank, the Bar/Restaurant with the best beer battered fish (For those Bad days:) And Elmers fountain. Its a natural spring that's pretty cool.
We also stopped in Missoula and rode the Carousel. We all really enjoyed riding it. They had a really great park that we spent about an hour at. We picked up a nail in our tire when we pulled into town so the kids and I played while Jappy went to find a Big O. No luck with a Big O but he got it all taken care of and we were on our way again. It was a really long drive. Making stops makes it an even longer trip.