Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas 2012

The ward Christmas Party. The girls were too fast and I missed them on Santa's lap. Jay is all about telling Santa what he wants.  His List got longer as the month of December went on.  Jet wouldn't have anything to do with the jolly bearded man.

 Christmas Eve in their new pajamas. We were lucky enough to have the missionaries spend Christmas evening with us. We had dinner, had a ping pong tournament, a nerf gun war, and a couple hands of Skip-bo. It was a fun night with the Elders.
 We made it through December!!! It never fails that things start to fall apart through the winter season. We had the Durango break down (its gone for good, sad) , the water heater go out, and a broken tailbone. We will not miss the month of mis fortune.  
Jay and Jet are obsessed with the ipad.  They are sitting behind the couch together.

I took Paxton's pictures a couple weeks ago. He is one cute Chunky little guy.  He is in the 75% for his length and weight.  we met with the Cardiologist again earlier this month. His Heart continues to mend itself.  The murmur is still there but is getting smaller. He will have another echo cardiogram in 3 months. The doctor is very pleased with his growth this past month.  He is very confident in Paxton having a full active normal life.

We are enjoying Christmas Break, and are happy to have snow. The kids have been outside everyday for hours at a time.