Monday, July 28, 2008

All Planning and No Fun

I got Girls Camp all planned!! The shopping done and my things packed. I even got to bed early. Only to wake up at 2 am and in Labor. By 4:00am my contractions were 5 min apart and I wasn't feeling very good and knew there was no way I was going to make it to Girls Camp.
I started to write a list for my YW President who was going to camp of what I had planned and where the activity was. I woke Jappy up and he didn't believe me and just kept saying it's to early and rolled over. MEN! He rolled out of bed and we started packing the food in the coolers and labeling everything for Camp. In all the commotion the girls woke up and we got them breakfast and headed to the hospital. After being there over an hour and a half the on call doctor finally came in (I was VERY ANNOYED at this point especially when my contractions we're 3 mins apart) and I was dialated to a 2 1/2 . Apparantly they didin't really think I was in labor or that it was doing anything. Now they knew I meant business They started an IV and gave me a quick shot to stop the labor. I tried to convince them just to let me have him but they seemed to think it was to early. They ran my blood and I had low potassium and platelet levels and they seem to think that that's what started labor, and I might have been a little dehydrated.
They finally let me leave around 2 and I haven't left our bed since that afternoon. Thankfully Jappy had already taken the week off, so he's been my lil slave all week. I haven't been able to keep anything down and literally have not left the bed all week. It feels like morning sickness all over again but worse.
I'm not on bed rest. but have slept alot and have have taken advantage of Jappy being home. He has been a GEM I don't know what I'd do without him.
Finally I've gotten to eat and keep it in my stomach, and I loaded the dish washer today YEAH !!! That's a BIG accomplishment.
We have had lots of phone calls from ward members and friends and meals brought and the girls taken for play dates for several hours. We are so greatful for the friends that we have made here and there willingness to serve us in times of need. We are very BLESSED.
I have an appointment with my doctor tomorrow and we'll pick a date to be induced. I still feel I'll go early on my own. But she wants me to hold off at least until 37 1/2 weeks. I'm getting to the point where I'm ready to feel more normal again. At the very least it made us find the carseat, and the craddle, and I have my bag packed.
I know that I jinxed myself because I really have had a Very EASY pregnancy until this point. I really shouldn't complain. Soon enough it will be over. Only 2 more weeks and we'll have a baby!

Pioneer Days

Last week we took the girls to a Idaho Falls Chukars baseball game. They are the equivalent to the Spokane Indians. The girls enjoyed the food more than anything and were ready to leave by the bottom of the fifth inning. (So was I) I do have to say that it wasn't as fun as going to the Indians or the Mariners but it was good to do something new.

For Pioneer Days they do a big parade and activities at the fair grounds. WE braved the heat and had a great time. Everything had to do with pioneers and cost us nothing. Stakes and wards volunteered their talents and games and food. They had free hotdogs, snowcones and watermelon. The girls visited the petting zoo, rode on a horse drawn buggy, played an indian drum, watched the bareback horse race, and got to ride horses. We saw lots of friends. Even some from Coeurd'Alene. It's so nice to be in such a positive atmosphere.

At the parade with all our neighbors

After a very hot day at the fairgrounds Jappy made a slip n slide for the kids. They Had a BLAST! Jappy is the biggest kid of all. He's still sore from his three hours of playing. It didin't take long for the neighbor kids to get in on the action

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Workin at the car wash

We finally are venturing outside. We spent all week in the house. B' has watched movies and eaten ice cream in bed all day everyday. I think she's hamming it up a little. She is recovering well! Saturday Jappy and the girls washed the Durango and the Honda, then the girls brought their wheels around to wash them. Mady was rinsing the car for Jappy as he washed. She would intentionally spray him with the hose and then apologize to him"Oh daddy I'm so so sorry I didn't mean to." he'd just smile at her. Then she'd do it again. She has a gift of workin her parents already.

I'm 34 Weeks along I have an appt on Wed. 2 weeks ago at my appt. the doctor told me that I grew 3 cm. (in a two week period, usually it's 1 cm a month) There is no more concern of the baby not growing. So I'm excited to see what I measure this week. I've started seeing the doctor every two weeks until I'm 38 weeks than She'll see me every week until I deliver.

I'm getting ready for girls camp We leave next Tuesday and we'll be back on Friday morning. I'm really hoping that it won't be extremely HOT. Jappy did buy me a nice mister yesterday and, there is a lake. So I'll have means of cooling down to some extent.
The YW are getting excited. If you have any last min. tips or ideas I'd love to hear them. Our girls are also getting excited to spend the week with their dad. They have their own camping trip planned out. I'm sure they'll have lots of fun too.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

4th of July and Tonsils

Monday morning we took Brooklyn to the hospital to have her tonsils removed. She did GREAT!! We were very proud of how brave she was. The night before (Sunday) we asked her what she wanted as her last normal meal for awhile, and she chose pizza. We made homemade pizza and the girls made their own. They love to help in the kitchen and making pizza is a highlight for them.
Monday we got up at 5 am (I don't know how I got up at that time) checked her in and she was in surgery at 7:30 and out by 7:50 am.

B' right after, still groggy.

We had a fun 4th of July. We invited some friends over to eat and watch the fireworks with us. We have a great view from our house so we set up all the chairs and blankets and served up rootbeer floats and enjoyed the show. We had a lil too much fun visiting and liting fireworks, we didn't get to bed until 1:30 in the morning.
The next day we woke up and drove about 40 mins. to Jappy's mom's in Soda Springs. The Fire Dept. has a tradition of spraying their foam out at the park and letting the kids play in it. The girls were timid at first but soon discovered the slippery fun. It was fun to watch all the kids play and even parents diving through it. I think we're going to try and take part in that activity every year.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Lava Hot Springs

We have had a VERY BUSY 2 Weeks. As Dustin got ready to leave for his mission his sisters and I wanted to do one last fun activity with him. So to his surprise we floated down a small creek in Lava just 30 min away. WE had a BLAST!! We took a picnic lunch, and floated and played a lil in the park. We only lost sunglasses and a hat to the river and everyone stayed on their tube for the most part. It was a memorable outing.

Loading the truck

Girls eating in their raft

We said goodbye to Dustin, last week. It was hard for Mady she loves Dustin so much. We went for his setting apart and she just clung to him. We're excited for him and know that he is going to be a wonderful missionary.

Their last family picture for 2 years. Dustin's mom is Jappy's sister

After Dustin's farewell we took the girls to Lagoon. We took our motorhome and stayed the night in a trailer park next to Lagoon. We woke up and got ready to ride the rides. It wasn't too busy and we barely had to stand in line ever and it wasn't too hot. We had a lot of fun. Mady is tall enough to ride the roller coaster and some of the bigger rides, with Jappy. She was nervous at first but then decided that it was fun. It's sad that she's growing up. Brooklyn is still to little to ride the big rides but she had fun on the kiddie ones.

After lunch we met up with the Lowder's minus Amber, she was at girls camp. We met them at Lagoona beach a played in the water for a couple hours, and then headed back to the rides.

We were very proud of the girls, they didn't whine once that they we're tired or that they wanted us to carry them. They had a positive attitude all day. Maybe their more ready for DisneyLand than we thought.

Brooklyn and Evan

Mady and I on the Umbrella ride

On the way home poor Brooklyn just CRASHED. We were all worn out, but it was worth every exhausting moment.