Sunday, July 13, 2008

Workin at the car wash

We finally are venturing outside. We spent all week in the house. B' has watched movies and eaten ice cream in bed all day everyday. I think she's hamming it up a little. She is recovering well! Saturday Jappy and the girls washed the Durango and the Honda, then the girls brought their wheels around to wash them. Mady was rinsing the car for Jappy as he washed. She would intentionally spray him with the hose and then apologize to him"Oh daddy I'm so so sorry I didn't mean to." he'd just smile at her. Then she'd do it again. She has a gift of workin her parents already.

I'm 34 Weeks along I have an appt on Wed. 2 weeks ago at my appt. the doctor told me that I grew 3 cm. (in a two week period, usually it's 1 cm a month) There is no more concern of the baby not growing. So I'm excited to see what I measure this week. I've started seeing the doctor every two weeks until I'm 38 weeks than She'll see me every week until I deliver.

I'm getting ready for girls camp We leave next Tuesday and we'll be back on Friday morning. I'm really hoping that it won't be extremely HOT. Jappy did buy me a nice mister yesterday and, there is a lake. So I'll have means of cooling down to some extent.
The YW are getting excited. If you have any last min. tips or ideas I'd love to hear them. Our girls are also getting excited to spend the week with their dad. They have their own camping trip planned out. I'm sure they'll have lots of fun too.


The Larsons said...

Jen you look SOOOO adorable! I am so excited for you have have that little guy! I seriously can't believe you are braving girls camp. You go girl!!! I know the girls will love you. That mister sounds like a dream! So glad B is recovering so well. I really want Cooper to get his tonsils out. Was it horrible??? Love the fire "foam" too. My boys would love that! Jappy is so cute to take the girls on their own little camping trip! Fun stuff!!!! The river floating looked like a lot of fun too. Brings me back to growing up days. Too fun! Keep enjoying the summer! Stay cool!

Dave and Jen said...

You look sooo cute. Let me know when you have him. I'm so excited for you. Keep in touch.

Mandy said...

How do you always look so dang cute? It will be fun to have a week without any little kids before you go back to baby pretty soon here! Have fun!!