Sunday, October 26, 2008

Lil Update

We're still having issues with the computer. Tim Allen tried to put the part in and it did nothing. I'm REALLY happy that the computer still turns on and is in working order.
I thought I would write an update, and hope that it holds everyone over and makes them some- what happy. But I can't load any pictures until we get the right piece in.
We'll start with Mady's update:
School is going fantastic!! She is really excelling. She Has taken the AR STAR test Which means She reads a book at her reading level and then takes a test on the computer about the book. She's got all 100's and one 80% We're so proud of her and her eagerness to learn.
About a month ago Mady was playing with the neighbor boy Koby (they're best buds) and she got a black eye. No big deal (in my mind) We sent her to school the next day with a swollen and bruised eye. When I picked her up at school that day her teacher from last year flagged me down and said that she needed to tell me something funny that happened. And she tells me that a teacher's aid saw Mady on the playground with her black eye. She was concerned with how it happened and went to this teacher and asked if they should make some phone calls. Her former teacher told her that it wasn't something to worry about with our family. We had a good laugh. Thank goodness she didn't jump to too many conclusions. I am glad that they watch out for the kids, and want to protect them.
We have a skating rink here that the girls love to go to. Last month I took the girls to a birthday party. Mady skated up a storm. She did fabulous, with only a few falls, she skated the most out of the 20 other kids that were there. She's getting the hang of it.
Mady has really grown up and matured. We took the girls to the dentist and they couldn't get over how much Mady has changed and grown up. She does seem grown up, at times. It is hard to remember that she is only 6. She's wiser beyond her years. The Primary program was today and Mady did GREAT!! She memorized her part and said it perfectly and sang her lil heart out. It's so great to see the kids up there, and feel the spirit so strong testifying to us the truthfulness of what they're saying/singing.We love her and love how much she loves us.

Miss B has been full of it lately. Right after I had the baby she went through a phase of being obsessed with shots. Jappy and I took her and Jay in for their shots. She SCREAMED bloody murder. It was so embarrassing to see one of my kids act like that. Mady NEVER screamed like that with shots. EVER. Brooklyn started to scream before they even did anything. The nurse just sat next to her and that was it. But thankfully she won't get anymore until she's twelve. So since then she been obsessed with shots asking if I've had shots, and if it hurt, and how many, and if she has to have any more? No matter how many times I tell her to forget about it she still brings it up and is worried about it. She's also gone through a phase where she is scared of the police, (thanks to Jappy). She threw a pebble and it hit a neighbors parked car. We we're very angry that she threw a rock at a car, not knowing the size of it. Jappy told her how serious it was and said something about having to call the police. That did not go over well. She was CRYING her lil eyes out. For months afterwards anytime she heard a siren, she went crying into her room hiding in her closet, afraid that they we're going to take her away. It got to be that she could hear a siren 10 miles away. Poor girl. Jappy didn't help the situation. The teaser that he is, would feed on it and thought it was funny to see her run and hide. We have a friend who is an officer in Logan UT and he came with his family for a visit just after this happened and she was sure that he was coming to take her away. That was a rough first day visit. She kept her distance from him. Thankfully she's gotten over that phase. She's moved on to being scared of bees or I should say anything that flies. "Is that a sting bee?" she's asks. She won't go outside if she sees anything flying by the door. Even if it's a dead bug she'll walk a big circle around it or step on to make sure it's dead.
We had the flu bug come through our house during General Conference. Jay and Mady got it, so we had a garbage can close by at all times. Jappy was on the couch and coughed really hard and really loud. Brooklyn seeing us take care of Mady and making sure that she was throwing up in the garbage thought that Jappy was going to throw up. She looked horrified and scared. She quickly grabbed the garbage can and put it at his feet. He laughed and said "why do I need this?" she said "I thought you we're going to throw up" " you scared me". I told her He scared me too.
Brooklyn only drinks her milk threw a straw cause she doesn't want a milk mustache. She's very conscienous of her appearance. She changes her clothes several times a day and is constantly brushing her hair, looking in the mirror, and doesn't like to eat anything that makes her dirty or sticky. She won't eat Cotton candy. What kid won't eat cotton candy cause it makes you sticky? She doesn't like to eat oreos in public. I sent them to school with her for a snack and she wouldn't eat them at school cause she said that she didn't want the other kids to see her messy face. What 4 year old worries about their face being messy?
She Loves pre-school she has a fantastic teacher who always is doing something fun and creative with the kids. I car pool with some friends, that have a lil boy that also goes to this pre-school. I'm lucky enough to pick them up, and each time I ask How was your day? and What did you do today? Ashton ( the lil boy) say's "nothing" typical man and Brooklyn goes on for the whole car ride telling me every detail of her 2 hour day at school. It's so cute. Ashton usually will open up and tell me something about his day by the time we get him home. But for the most part he probably feels he can't get a word in with Miss Jabber Jaws sitting next to him.
Something funny she said to Jap yelling down the stairs "I ll be down in a jiffy" we thought that was cute and funny. She is a ham always looking to make us laugh. She's a real character. During Conference Pres. Monson was on the screen and we asked her who he was and she said that he was the new prophet, and that the one with the bounciest hand had died. We couldn't figure out what she was talking about bounciest hand. We thought that she was talking about how President Hinkley's hand shook while he talked. With further conversation we figured it out. The girls have learned the hymn We Thank thee Oh God for a Prophet. In the song the words are bounteous hand. She had associated the song with Pres Hinkley and didn't understand the word bounteous Out of the mouth of babes.
B is so helpful with Jay and feels terrible when he cries and tries to do everything she can to help him. She gets frustrated with Mady when Mady doesn't do the right thing when he's crying. It's really funny to listen to her yell at Mady on Jay's behalf. She's a really good helper and big sister.
Jay is growing and changing by the minute and I HATE IT. He is so sweet and cuddly. He's smiling and cooing and We're loving every second of it. He's such a good baby we couldn't have asked for a better baby. He still has his hair and it is turning blond. He's chunking up. I have officially put away the new born clothes. Why do they have to grow so fast?? He weighed 11 lbs at his 2 mos check up. During his check up of course he got shots, and he slept right through them. Not joking.. He let out a lil cry and that was it. Hopefully he'll always be easy at the doctor. (and not like Brooklyn) Mady was a lot like him in that the shots never really bothered her.
It's still hard to believe that we have a baby and it seems like we constantly forget the diaper bag or the bottle or a blanket. We're still trying to figure it out.
Thankfully we've never forgotten HIM.
Jap is still pretty busy at the bank. This summer we had a mole try and take over our front yard. Jappy spent a day trying to flush him out with the hose Caddy Shack style. He didn't have any success the first day. But the next day he was out in the yard with other husbands in the neighborhood and was venting his frustration about the mess in our yard due to this pest.When one of the holes started to vibrate and he saw the varmit poke his head out of the hole. It startled them at first and then they started yelling orders. Jappy ran and got the hose and turned it on and put in the hole. Sure enough the mole came out of it's hole. The men not being prepared for it to give up so quickly didn't have anything to kill it with. Jappy ran to the garage for the shovel. Clint realizing we needed to take the opportunity while we had it grabbed our rubber rain gutter drain and hit the hell out of it (for lack of better words) Those men were hilarious hearing their whoops and hollers and seeing the high fives. You would have thought they killed something a lil bigger than a mole, with the way they were carrying on. It still makes me laugh when I think about it.
The not so good part of this was that every ones kids we're in the front yard with their dads and saw the whole thing happen. I don't think any of them had night mares that night. It wasn't gruesome we told the kids that he was just knocked out. But the men took him out to the field and made sure it was dead. We wanted to make sure that he wasn't coming back. He really did a number on our yard. Good times and Fun memories.

We had a talent night in our ward and jappy and few of our friends dressed up as women and sang I'm so pretty. It was funny. I'll load pictures at a later date. It's a must see.
I have made it my goal to make breakfast for Mady before she goes to school. I've gotten up every morning at 7 and made a nice breakfast for her. I'm going on week three and I'm very proud of myself. I don't like mornings and never have. I don't even think I woke up that early to get myself ready for school. It's a very big accomplishment for me. I hope I can keep it going. Costco opened on Thursday. The girls seem to be more excited about it than we are. We came out of the store on Sat. after having lunch (hot dog of coarse) and Mady says let's go to Nana's. She apparently had a lil memory lapse of where we were. It was cute. They have asked everyday since if we can go to Costco. They just like to spend money on food we've decided.

Hopefully this week we'll be able to load pictures, and get caught up on emails. But you'll have to be happy with just a post for now.

Saturday, October 4, 2008


Our computer has a glitch, so we haven't been able to update. So in a few days hopefully the problem will be solved and I can update you on everything. I've been writing things down as they happen. The girls have been saying some funny things lately. Jay is growing and changing fast. He's starting to smile, I'm not convinced that he's smiling at us just yet. But we have gotten a few. Hopefully soon you'll hear more. Sorry about the delay.