Sunday, October 13, 2013

Happy 40th

 Jappy turned 40 and we had a PARTY!! Two weeks leading up to his birthday The kids and I came up with the 12 days of Dad. Every day He got a little gift when he woke up. We all looked forward to him finding it.
I invited 50 people to help us celebrate his BIG Day.  We went with an 80's theme and I was not disappointed with the outcome.  Everyone dressed up, We listened to 80's music, played a game centered around the 80's, Laughed and just had a lot of fun.
I was really impressed with the outfits and hair that came through the door.  We had a meat buffet and potato bar per the birthday boys request. It was a night of many fun memories.

 I couldn't be happier with this man  I Love You Jap!

This is a collage of pictures of Jappy over the years. I had fun going through old pictures.

I made those huge rubiks cubes just for the party.
Check out those Acid wash Jeans

And those peg legged jeans and you cant miss that Mullet!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

It amazes me how much changes in a year.  I find myself still getting a little emotional when I see these pictures of my baby. I still have those memories vivid in my mind of caring for him with his "extra luggage" (oxygen tank) and the many Dr. Visits and echos on his heart. We were blessed in so many ways those 3 months of uncertainty.

 Happy Birthday Paxie!!
You Just started crawling, and getting into things like cupboards and drawers.You babble Da Da, you wave, and put your hands in the air when we say touch down. You are eating more and more normal food. Meal time is very serious to you. You love your siblings but prefer your Momma. And your sleeping through the night. Aahh Bliss