Monday, December 19, 2011

Merry Christmas!!

The year has flown by and I have realized the older our kids get the faster the time goes by.

Mady is 9.5 and is in the 4th Grade and has straight A's. She just finished her first Basketball Season and Loved it!! She is a head taller than the other girls, BUT She is so TIMID and feels like everyone should have a chance to have the ball. This makes for very frustrated parents. Our Pre game pep talks go as follows. Mady be aggressive!! Be MEAN!! TAKE THE BALL from them. YOU WANT the BALL, Stand Right in front of them they can't see around you or over you. BE MEAN!! She just laughs at us and says OK. But she's too nice (like her dad) She hasn't developed her competitiveness yet. She practiced every day and has really improved her skills. She is really turning into a Young Women. She's Polite, and kind, and wants to Please everyone.

Miss Brooklyn 7.5 is also doing very well in school. Straight A's and is quit the speller (as is Mady) She is in the advance spelling group. The words she comes home with amaze me. She comes home with 100% weekly. She is so Tender hearted, and wants to help and be friends with everyone. Except when it comes to her 3 year old brother. She wants to be the BOSS. And Jay isn't going to listen or be bossed around by anyone.

JAY BRENT (Constantly called by his Full name).... is a handful. This 3 year old just might do us in. He has all of his dads personality. He can be the rowdiest rambungtions destructive little boy. But then he can just melt your heart. He's Smart... Athletic... Funny... and WILD. He keeps us on our toes. He has started a little preschool that he really enjoys going to twice a week for 2 1/2 hours a day. Mom looks forward it too.

Jet is the sweetest baby we have had.. I look forward to him waking up in the morning. He is so lovey, and smiley. He's the only baby that has really loved his mama more than dad And I LOVE it. Although He likes his distance from his brother. I can't say that I blame him.

He has recently been to the Dr. and we were told to Fatten him up. Half and Half in his milk, and butter in his food. He gained a pound in a week and has been 'bulking up' (As Jappy calls it) ever since. He hasn't decided if he wants to walk just yet. Although the last 5 days he has been taking a good 5 wobbly steps at a time, and is getting into more cupboards and pulling things out lately. It won't be long now till I have him to chase too.

Jappy is BUSY. He is constantly on the GO. Between Work, Bishopric, and Us He rarely gets a Break. He LOVES his job and the people he works with. He has had a fantastic year with the bank and we are looking forward to another great year!!!

I am lucky enough to be home... Some days I think it would be so much easier if I had a job.

I'm figuring out how to keep everything organized and everyone happy. Sometimes it's a loss cause. I help teach Jay's preschool once a month and I'm really enjoying it.

We LOVE Where we live!!! We have wonderful Friends, A GREAT Neighborhood, And a WONDERFUL Ward. We Have Truly been Blessed this Year. We look forward to what the next year brings!

We love company so if your headed this way we always have a place for you.

Sunday, November 13, 2011



My Sweet Boy at this age You
Clap your hands
Give kisses
Crawl fast
Open cupboards and dump things out
Nod your head yes and no
Blow Kisses
Dance to the Music
Scooting around the Furniture
You love your mama,
Very Ticklish
Sleeping through the night.
Loves the Bath/ shower
We LOVE our Jetty Bug. We can never get enough of him.
Happy Birthday Jetty!!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Carving Pumpkins is not high on any of our lists. We opted for the SHARPIES. But I thought our kids need to experience real pumpkin carving. So we chose the smallest one to cut into and let them experience that. Jappy said he would have nothing to do with it. I was lucky enough to get to clean it out.

Mady and her crazy hair. It was crazy hair day for Red Ribbon Week.

Jay made up his mind a month before Halloween that he wanted to be BATMAN. My Girls however changed their minds several times not committing to anything until the very last second. (They do this every year) I have a group picture on my phone that will be downloaded at a later date. Sorry.

We had the ward trunk or treat on Saturday then on Monday we did the real thing. Some friends of ours make doughnuts in their garage to give out instead of candy, so we headed to their neighborhood. And Oh GOOD GLORY they were delicious!!!! So Delicious in fact I have made them twice since then.

The Kids got LOADS of CANDY and had a really fun time. Jay Cracked us up... He was so anxious and excited to go. The thought of people giving him candy and all he had to do was stand at their door. I love Holidays with Toddlers everything is so exciting/magical.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

We participated in the Annual Diabeties walk in Logan UT with our Niece Jessi. We look forward to this every year. This Year it POURED for most of the walk. We were SOAKED. But it made for a good memory. After we finished the walk Jessi planned a lunch for everyone. During Lunch she made an exciting announcement. SHE'S PREGNANT!!! We couldn't be more Happy for her and Bryce. They are going to be wonderful Parents.

We have Matching shirts for the walk. Jessi had special ones made up for her and Bryce that Said "PREGNANT" on them. It took us a little while to realize what they said. But after we figured it out the Happy News spread like Wild Fire.

Several weeks ago Jay and a couple other neighbor boys were found in our garage. They were sitting around Jays bike along with a pile of skrew drivers and hammers and what ever else they thought they needed to "fix' Jays Bike. They were so CUTE. There was nothing wrong with it, but their "fix it" had kicked in. Come to find out the boys had ventured house to house to do the same to the other boys bikes.

Jaymon, Jackson, Jay

Jappy has taught Mady to Mow the yard this summer and she has caught on and does a really good job. Jappy's mom had a mower she didn't need anymore so she gave it to us. Now that we have two Mowing the lawn is a BREEZE. The BEST part?? I haven't had to mow ALL SUMMER!

We made a Fort today or a "FORK" as Jay calls it.

Jetty bug is 11 mos this week. He's giving kisses claps his hands, stands on his own for a few seconds, says Mama, and Dada, plays peek-a-boo and is just plain ADORABLE!!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Jay's First Day of JOY

The Girls are in school and Mr. Jay started Pre-school....Well JOY school. A group of mom's have gotten together and we will each take a turn teaching. He goes two times a week 2 hours a day, and the first week went well. It's a class of all Boys so at times it could be interesting. But for now it has gone well and he looks forward to going. Oh Happiness for Me!!!

Walking to School.
Jay is commonly none around our house as the 'Devil' He's very busy and just seems to find trouble in the midst of his business. So We have started to call him a 'Little Devil' Well that was until 2 days ago.

Our Bishop has challanged our ward to read the Book of Mormon finishing it by the end of the year. So we are giving it a good run at it. We were reading the other morning before school, when Jappy read apart refering to the Devil. Jay's ears percked up and with a serious look on his face said "Hey I'm the Devil" Jap said No your not and kept on reading Jay said again ' Ya dad I'M the DEVIL' . Oh Dear we are going to need to stop calling him that. Not the best parenting we've done' I'm finding that we should write a book of things Not to say TO or a AT your children. A lot of what we say comes back to bite us. I should dedicate a post to it.... Maybe someone could learn from my mistakes that way.
*We wouldn't change a thing about Jay. Even when we think he's DIABLO.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

First Day of School 2011

The Girls started the 2011 school year, and they had a GREAT First Day.

Mady has started 4th Grade in Mrs. Mcateer. Brooklyn is in 2nd Grade with Mrs. Semons(this is her first year teaching)
They have been so excited to start school again at Syringa.

I'm not so sure I'm ready for my Helpers to go.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Girls Camp '11'

Our Ward Leaders Lela Ned, Me and Megs

McKaiya and Alyssa catching up on much needed sleep.

Jane working on her craft at the Tiki Hut and she's sporting the Shorts that we made for camp this year.

Doing Hair. Jori and Cassidy

We had a competition to help the girls with their certification. The Leaders from the stake put together a team. We Totally Kicked the Girls Trash It was Super FUN. And we were able to get to know each other. We live in a GREAT STAKE.

Keryanne, Tiffany and Jori Teaching/ Reviewing the Dance with the Mortimers The Girls/ Leaders did a Mob Dance So FUN and CUTE.

Ned Tied the girls to the Hammock. HILARIOUS

And the Girls cheering on the teams during the Mt. Girl competition.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

July in Review

Classic Jay moment. In the NEIGHBORS Cooler.

We spent the weekend of the 4th in Arbon with our nieces and nephew's . And as always Loads of FUN. We played in the water, rode all the fun toys, played games late into the night, shot guns, lit fireworks, looked for snakes, caught butterflies, and really enjoyed our time together
Jessi put together a Top Shot Competition. We chose our gun the distance and the target. We spent the entire afternoon shooting things up, trying to out do one another.

Ying and Yang Did everything together. Even sharing their Ring POPS. Are'nt they so SWEET?

We set off fireworks and had our traditional Roman Candle Dual. I look forward to this every year. It's NOT at all safe but very entertaining. We Laugh so Hard until our face hurts. Jappy barely missed Catastrophe by the skin of his teeth. GOOD TIMES....

Jessi and Brenda's Baby Nora -Kasen fell asleep on Bryce's lap. It was hilarious He didn't want to lay back on him and when Bryce tried to lay him back he would wake up.

The kids had a small water fight. Jay loved shooting everyone. Poor Brielle did not appreciate being squirted. Jessi was protecting her. Jay didn't mind shooting her either.
This Is a Classic moment all of my kids have with Dustin. He is so good to them. He's going to be a Great Dad some day.
Watching the Firework SHOW I took a group picture with everyone lined up but it's hard to see. Fun Weekend Larsen's Thanks for letting us Crash the PARTY.

My Brother and his wife had their FIRST BABY!! We were all shocked when he came 2 mos early. But he is healthy and growing like a little weed. We were able to spend a weekend in Salt Lake with ALL of my Brothers. We made it a Sampert REUNION. We spent an afternoon at the pool, had a birthday party for my younger brother, ate at 'IN and OUT',went to a drive in movie, shopped a little, and did a little bit of temple square (in the pouring rain). It was nice to spend time together,and let the cousins get reacquainted. We have been lucky to see them twice this year but I'm sure it will be awhile before we all get together again.

I ran my third 5k of the summer. I signed the girls up to run the 2.5K It was fun to do it together. I think I have Jappy on the band wagon for the August Run.
Mady needed a victorious Cool Down.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

I'm feeling behind, and disorganized in every aspect of my life. So for now you only get pictures.

We just did them this weekend at our newest nephews baby blessing. An update on all family happenings soon.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Glory Days

Malad High School, Jappy's Alma Mater had an Alumni Football game. Jappy was so excited to get those pads on again. He had a BLAST and thankfully didn't hurt anyone. It was fun to watch him play and to see him reconnect with old friends. He hung around after the game and had several players stop and tell him "You still HIT like a BRICK WALL" He couldn't have been more thrilled to think "He still Had it" Even after 20 Years.

Jappy and his Nephews Austin and Dustin. They were lucky enough to be on the same DOMINATING team.

Jay LOVED watching his Dad out on the field. And insisted on wearing his gloves and Jersey after the game. He still has not taken them off.

The kids in each of the nephews/dads Jersey.

While eating breakfast this morning Jay thought that I needed a recap of the game last night.

"Mom, Dad run and catch the ball." "Mom, Dad run and TACKLE him" "It was SO AWESOME"

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Well I think Summer is coming. The Girls have been out of school for a week and a half and it has rained almost every day. We have tried to fit in a few outdoor activities between storms. We have dusted off the bikes and gotten some excercise. Took the kids Hiking, Lunch in the Park, Dad's baseball games, and lots of walks around the block. We have gone to the library several times for books and activities already, it's turning into our home away from home. We have managed a few cleaning/organizing projects. I'm hoping to continue the battle on CLUTTER!! I'm ready to donate, throw away our Junk, and organize the rest.
We enjoyed a Lightning Storm the other night. We grabbed our chairs and huddled in the garage and watched Mother Natures Light Show.

Jappy is busy with 2 baseball teams, His Calling, Work and trying to fit in time for the Kids.
I Just finished my second 5K. It was a lot tougher than last months race but I did Great and even managed to shave off several minutes on my time. Last weekend I attended Time Out for Women with Friends. We had such a great time together. I am so Lucky to have met such Fun, and Caring Women. I do love those Girls and there is NEVER a Dull moment when we are together.