Thursday, September 8, 2011

Jay's First Day of JOY

The Girls are in school and Mr. Jay started Pre-school....Well JOY school. A group of mom's have gotten together and we will each take a turn teaching. He goes two times a week 2 hours a day, and the first week went well. It's a class of all Boys so at times it could be interesting. But for now it has gone well and he looks forward to going. Oh Happiness for Me!!!

Walking to School.
Jay is commonly none around our house as the 'Devil' He's very busy and just seems to find trouble in the midst of his business. So We have started to call him a 'Little Devil' Well that was until 2 days ago.

Our Bishop has challanged our ward to read the Book of Mormon finishing it by the end of the year. So we are giving it a good run at it. We were reading the other morning before school, when Jappy read apart refering to the Devil. Jay's ears percked up and with a serious look on his face said "Hey I'm the Devil" Jap said No your not and kept on reading Jay said again ' Ya dad I'M the DEVIL' . Oh Dear we are going to need to stop calling him that. Not the best parenting we've done' I'm finding that we should write a book of things Not to say TO or a AT your children. A lot of what we say comes back to bite us. I should dedicate a post to it.... Maybe someone could learn from my mistakes that way.
*We wouldn't change a thing about Jay. Even when we think he's DIABLO.


Monika said...

Laughed at the last line. lol you guys still haven't learned your lesson. LOL JK JK

good post. so true.