Sunday, November 3, 2013


8 weeks ago I was talked into training for a Half Marathon. CRAZY I know.Thankfully my friend Jen was just as crazy as I, and we did it together. We Worked hard, ran more than either one of us would have ever thought possible, sacrificed good food, and lots of time. But WE DID IT!!
The race was Fun. We breezed right through the first 8 miles. We were pretty entertained by the other runners.  We laughed to ourselves many times.  My favorite part of the run was mile 9's candy table, and mile 11's temptation table. That was the best doughnut EVER.

 We Made it!!
We are going to put together a team to run a 62 mile relay.... Maybe... I've enjoyed my sleeping in.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween 2013

 Happy Halloween! We had  a week full of Halloween Fun.  Every day leading up to the big Day we did something festive.  Dipped apples, Had a spooky chip dip Made ghost cookies and witch Hats,witches brooms, a scary soup with a ghost rising out of it (my favorite)
Nana made the boys matching dinosaur costumes. They were cute, and warm.
The girls were rubiks cubes. They looked so cute. They had lots of comments where ever we went.

 Mady thought she would use her box as a table for her hot chocolate.
 It was a really cold night. Pax sat in the back of the car eating a sucker. While the kids enjoyed the trunk or treat.
Jetters was all about the candy. We stopped at the Eddies and Jet helped Cam hand out Candy.  Every time the door bell rang He would go to the door with Cam and would help himself to a piece of candy. He cracked us up.
Our kids made it a fun Holiday. I love how excited they get about new things. It makes it worth all the work.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Happy 40th

 Jappy turned 40 and we had a PARTY!! Two weeks leading up to his birthday The kids and I came up with the 12 days of Dad. Every day He got a little gift when he woke up. We all looked forward to him finding it.
I invited 50 people to help us celebrate his BIG Day.  We went with an 80's theme and I was not disappointed with the outcome.  Everyone dressed up, We listened to 80's music, played a game centered around the 80's, Laughed and just had a lot of fun.
I was really impressed with the outfits and hair that came through the door.  We had a meat buffet and potato bar per the birthday boys request. It was a night of many fun memories.

 I couldn't be happier with this man  I Love You Jap!

This is a collage of pictures of Jappy over the years. I had fun going through old pictures.

I made those huge rubiks cubes just for the party.
Check out those Acid wash Jeans

And those peg legged jeans and you cant miss that Mullet!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

It amazes me how much changes in a year.  I find myself still getting a little emotional when I see these pictures of my baby. I still have those memories vivid in my mind of caring for him with his "extra luggage" (oxygen tank) and the many Dr. Visits and echos on his heart. We were blessed in so many ways those 3 months of uncertainty.

 Happy Birthday Paxie!!
You Just started crawling, and getting into things like cupboards and drawers.You babble Da Da, you wave, and put your hands in the air when we say touch down. You are eating more and more normal food. Meal time is very serious to you. You love your siblings but prefer your Momma. And your sleeping through the night. Aahh Bliss

Sunday, September 15, 2013

 First Day of School. Mady had a mild melt down before heading out the door.  She was upset that Jappy decided to take them to school instead of me. (Pax was still sleeping) She started 6th grade at Alameda Middle School, and is enjoying it. Adjusting to more responsibility has been more difficult than I thought it would be.  We are working on it, and being more organized. She is not a fan of P.E but is working through it. Each day it gets better. Brooklyn is in 4th Grade with Mr. D and she loves it. She is in a class full of her friends.It's going to be a GREAT year for her.   Jay is going to his last year of preschool.They have a splash party the first two days of school. Hence the swim suit and towel. He looks forward to school each day.  We walk to and from school each day. (It's my favorite part of my day).  He goes four days a week and enjoys every minute of it. Jet and Paxie are with me. I get so caught up in my cleaning and organizing, and constant laundry I don't spend nearly enough time with them one on one.  This week I'm going to set an alarm to make sure I STOP and Enjoy my little ones.
Paxie started crawling this week. We have to be so very careful of what we leave on the floor. We just love this sweet Chubby Baby.  Jet got the barbies out to play with.  SO FUNNY!

Summe 2013 in a Nut Shell, We had a house full ALL Summer. we Maybe had 5 Days through out the summer where we didn't have company.  We had Regie (Student/Nanny) Living with us for a month til she got hitched. We enjoyed her with us, especially the perks that went along with having her here. We hosted two ladies from Costa Rica for an international choir festival that Pocatello hosted. It was a fun week with them. My kids enjoyed the comings and goings of these Ladies. Saying  Hola and Chow, with a kiss.  They will surely be life long friends.
 We had our dear friends the Fagan's come and spend a couple days with us, while the girls were in Cd'A. Jay LOVED his Boy time with Karsten and Justin. digging for dinosaur bones, and making crazy hot dogs. They had a camp out complete with "mini olympics" and a smore's cook off. Oh we miss them, but cherish our time when we are together


 We spent a week in July up north with family. And then we had some special company for the month of August. Cousins came from Texas to spend time with us. We did LOTS. Lunch in the park, Walked dogs, Played with neighbors, went to Lava, went on a snake hunt, Made flubber, Jay taught Jaiden to ride a two wheeler, bike rides,Went to the Library,went to the park, played in the rain, gathered worms, tie dyed shirts, had a camp out, and lots of "playing" with our food experiments, and playing games Oh goodness, we tried to do it all. we still didn't get to some things on our list. We slept well each night. We were so happy that they came. It was sad to see them go. We made lots of GOOD MEMORIES!
Jay Had a Birthday!! The Big 5
I spent a week at Girls Camp. And drove the Girls up in our 15 passenger Van. It was pretty Fun to have everyone in one car. singing at the top of our lungs and waving to everyone we passed. Jappy handled all seven kids. And the house was clean when I got home. But he was relieved when I pulled in.
We bought a new car in July and have already put 3000 miles on it. We LOVE it!! It's our 4th car we have bought in a year. I should get my dealers license. We have been on the go constantly,  and the month of September is showing to be just as busy as  August, with less kids. We just finished an Alzheimer's walk in Ogden, and in two weeks we do the 5K in Logan for Juvenile Diabetes. I did a 5K with a bunch of Friends called the Color Vibe. We had the BEST TIME. Every half a mile or so was a color station where we were doused in Color. If one ever comes to your Town Sign up you will not regret it.
Jay just started soccer. We are hoping he starts getting in the groove. He is unsure and timid still which is SO not like him.  He's confused with us telling him to take the ball from the other team.
My oldest Brother got married to a lovely girl.  We couldn't be happier for them.  The wedding was beautiful. We went back to Coeur d 'Alene for the reception. I played bar tender at the Italian Cream Soda Bar. I LOVED mixing drinks.  I got a chance to talk with everyone.  My kids spent most of their night at the S mores Bar.  They consumed more than their share of CHOCOLATE.
We had a fun Summer with lots of Great memories. We haven't felt like school is in session yet. It seems like we are still in the Fun summer mode.... Is that a Bad thing?