Monday, January 25, 2010

I don't know where the time goes. I can't seem to get a chance to update. We are all doing well. Our days are filled with school, extra kids, work, volunteering at the school, homework, church and church activities, service. Along with the normal cooking laundry and cleaning.
Jappy has had a great month with work. He got on a top 20 list in the country for the most business. He has joined a weight loss competition at the gym. It lasts 12 weeks and he's done really well so far. He's 3 weeks into it. We are so proud of him, He's eating healthier and at the gym 6 days a week. We are seeing a difference in him. I hope he keeps it going, even after the competition.
Mady turns eight in April. Jappy and I felt is was important for her to read the Book of Mormon before she's baptized. We have read every night in hopes to finish within the 90 days. We are on track. It helps to have a goal in mind. Brooklyn gets frustrated when we read. We've had to make some adjustments for her. I found a great picture book that goes right along with what we're reading. It's perfect for her, and helps the rest of us visualize what's going on. Jay on the other hand just likes to distract the rest of us. He throws EVERYTHING! I forgot about this stage. He's also started to experiment with biting. That's been painful for all of us. No matter how we try and punish him he smiles at us or will give us a look like "That didn't hurt" or "oh well" He's going to be tough to discipline.
We still don't have a renter for our house in Hayden. Anyone looking for 4 bedroom 2 bath, Big fenced yard, and 2 car garage. Send them our way. We might be moving back into it and selling our house in Pocatello, if we can't get someone in it. I really don't want it to come to that. I love our house, and where we live now.
We have had a couple of Reality checks in the last 2 months. We have had close friends have near death experiences. Two of them being young moms with babies at home. And recently a friend who had a heart attack and has miraculously pulled through by the power of the priesthood. It has made us appreciate the times we have together. Makes us realize we need to have things in order. And tell people how much they mean to us.
It has made me think of the last time I had an encounter with each of them, what I said or what we talked about, or what it felt like to shake there hand.
I want to try harder to make others feel like I'm invested in them, and that I really do care about them and their family. It's good to have a reality check once in awhile. But I don't want it to happen for awhile.
So everyone Stay healthy, and Safe.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The calm before the storm

Our Holiday weekend was fabulous, and relaxing. The week after....... NOT SO MUCH
We made a trip to Coeur d'Alene to clean our house there. The renters finally moved out (After living rent FREE for 2 mos, and Trashing it) Aren't Renters LOVELY?
We have a company that is SUPPOSE to check on it, but obviously that wasn't happening. What am I paying them for?? SERIOUSLY.
We got in late Wednesday night and spent Thursday and Friday literally scrubbing every wall and surface. Then Saturday we painted almost every wall and surface. That's not counting the holes, door hanging, and sheet rocking my dad fixed, leaking sinks, Uncle John fixed All 3 of them, and All the windows that Aunt Mae cleaned. It was Truly Disgusting, I will never understand how people could live in such FILTH.
Thank goodness for my mom who had our kids all day, or it would have taken us 3 more days. It was a grueling 3 days, and we still didn't get everything finished.
We could NEVER express our GRATITUDE to everyone who worked tirelessly with us. We were VERY tempted to Sell it. I don't want to have to do this again. But after visiting with our Realtor decided to rent it out again. We will be taking more of a hands on approach with this next renter, and property management company.
Our girls told my mom one day "This is our worst trip to Coeur d' Alene, cause we haven't gotten to spend anytime with Grandpa" So sad I would have to agree with it being our worst trip there. We didn't get to play games, or see any friends, or do anything fun.
We owe our family a ton. After we left on Sunday, they finished the house during the next week. We are now ready for someone to move in. Someone CLEAN PLEASE!

My Dad: I think the paint fumes were getting to him:)
Aunt Mae : The BEST Cleaner and window washer I know