Monday, February 23, 2009

Quick Trip to SLC

We have been lucky to have pretty easy kids so far. Well rounded well behaved, they don't like to cause trouble or break the rules, for the most part not to wild. and we thought we got lucky again with Jay...Until recently He's a wiggly little guy and is bound and determined to get what he wants. Jappy was going through the junk mail, when the garbage can tipped over. Then he saw the cause of it. We were glad he tipped it over so that we could catch him before he crawled all the way out of his seat and onto the floor. (Yes he is strapped in) Yikes that could have been bad. He doesn't get left unattened in his seat, not even for a minute.
We took a day trip to Salt Lake on Friday. We met up with our nieces and their spouses and then met up with Jared for dinner.
It was a fast trip but we're glad that we took it.

Jessi and Jay After dinner we were saying goodbye to Jared and Jay cuddled up to him it was sooo sweet. He loves his Uncle Jared
When I lay Jay down and he's not a sleep he grabs his turtle and wrestles with him. It's really funny. He's the next Steve Irwin (Crocodile Hunter)
Jay's starting to crawl. The girls get so Excited about it. He loves paper, and barbies hair.
The girls have a lil cold. I kept Mady home church and school today. She has a really bad cough.She has a sensitive gag reflux, when she cough hard it makes her gag and then throw up. So we've had lots of fun with that. She seems to be getting better each day. I'm hoping that tomorrow she'll be ready to head back to school.

This song reminds us of Dustin our nephew serving a mission in Chicago . He's been on our minds a lot lately and we heard it on the radio over the weekend. So I put it on for him.
During is senior year of football this song had come out and after Dustin would make a tackle this lyric of the song would come to his mind "Have a nice day".

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Puppy Love

Our friend's the Eddie's got a new puppy this weekend, we took the girls to check him out. He is adorable!! It makes me miss Duncan. BUT, I'm glad it's them with a new puppy and NOT Me.

Ashton and Clue

Jappy down at half time giving away money for Key Bank
Saturday we went to the ISU basketball game with Jappy's sister and her husband. Jay loves to grab hair and Aunt Tammy's is especially tempting. He got a hold of her a few times. Brooklyn can't stand the camera to be on anyone but herself. Can you tell??

Jay found the Oprah magazine today I think he's hooked.

During the Super Bowl our projector went out. OHH Jap was MAD!!
We did have a small party we had a feeling that something was wrong so we only invited two families over. Good thing cause it could have gotten really ugly here.
Well Jappy took it to the guy who we bought it from and he got the company to send us a brand new one. It arrived Friday and we are so happy! Thank you Planar!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

We had a fun Valentine's Day. Our niece had a cheerleading competition that me and the girls attended during the morning. They took 1st in the division.

Jappy picked the girls up while I went to lunch with the big girls.

We came home to flowers and balloons from Jappy. We freshened up and headed to ISU basketball game that Key Bank sponsered. And now Jappy's making us dinner. It's been a fun day. I hope everyone got to spend it with someone they care about.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Jay's six months

Happy Half Birthday Jay!!

My sweet Boy is half a year old.

Jay's Milestones @ 6 months

Sitting up

Holding his own bottle (what a time saver this is)

Loves eating baby food screams when I don't feed him fast enough

He's up on his hands and knees and scoots a little

Rolls around pretty good and can generally get what he is after

Loves to hold daddy's face when he's tired. He does not do this to mom only dad.

Can put his pacifier in his own mouth

He's had several hair cuts and doesn't mind the clippers
Likes to splash in the tub and soak mommy

Loves to be in the same room with his sisters, they're very entertaining

Says mommma mommmma

Loves the wipes container, I think it's mostly the noise it makes

We started signing and he knows what the sign 'eat' means

Gives High Fives.

Enjoys most car rides. He falls asleep almost instantly

Sat in front of his toys last week for 45 min. ( I got A LOT done)

Exploring things with his mouth
Loves peek -a -boo with mommy

Had is first babysitter for longer

than an hour and loved every minute of it

Loves to listen to daddy read the scripture

Smiles a lot.
Wieght: 18.2
Height: 27 in
Nicknames: Tank, Bubba, Mister, Mister Magoo, The bear
Every day he changes and does something new. I KNOW these next 6 mos are going to go by even faster than the first six, because he'll start to crawl, walk, and talk, and eat real food.

We look forward to it! WE LOVE YOU JAY!

Brielle came and spent the night last weekend. We had a competition to see who could sit the longest. Jay WON!! We were so proud of him. This picture we had them sitting next to each other, and Brielle tipped over and was relying on Jay to hold her up. It was so funny/cute. Our little Tank held her up for a while. We love when she comes to see us. It's so true that girls develop faster than boys. We're seeing it first hand. This was the only thing that he has out done her in.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Brooklyn's the 'BIG 5'

Brooklyn had a great Birthday. Or as she puts it "The Best Day Ever" She woke up going straight to the mirror, and saying
"Mom I don't look 5"

I asked her what she wanted for Breakfast, the skies the limit. " Trix cereal, toast, and a lil bit of orange juice" "WHAT" I told her "You can have anything you want, french toast, donuts, what do you want?" " Trix, toast, and a lil bit of orange juice" "OKAY"
I don't usually have sugar cereals in our house, but Jappy did the grocery shopping a brought all kinds of junk food home, so the girls have been enjoying their 'kid' cereal.
She ate her breakfast and headed to preschool. Then we took her out to Wendy's for lunch, Jappy met us there. We had turkey steaks, mashed potatoes, and corn for dinner. We made a GIANT cookie for desert. Through out the day she would say things like "I can do this cuase I'm 5, or " I can run faster cause I'm 5 now" Everything she did that day she would say it. She also reminded us throughout the day that it was her special day and that she didn't have to clean up or take out dirty diapers. Even if I begged she'd give me a dirty look and say "Mom it's MY BIRTHDAY" stinker.

  • Brooklyn's Fav's
    Latest movie Is Alvin and the Chipmunks and Flushed Away
    dance to music

  • going to preschool

  • playing with friends

  • Is a homebody

  • Color/draw

  • her picture taken

  • combing her hair

  • putting clips in anyones hair that will let her

  • animals
    Fav. song Called to Serve
  • pink, purple, yellow
  • her brother

Funny things she say's:

  • "Get on your horse cowboy" (She says this to Jappy when she wants him to hurry home)
    "I got my eye on you sunshine"
    "ARR Mayonaise" (ARR Maties)

    There's a ton more but I 'll add them later I can't think of them Now

    taking out dirty diapers
    dirty/sticky hands
Favorite Foods:
  • pizza

  • scrambled eggs

  • shredded cheese

  • yogurt

  • cheetos

  • fruit snacks

  • mashed potatoes

  • anything with ranch

  • cheesey bread

  • shrimp

  • croutons


  • vegtables (but will still try them at dinner)

  • fries
  • B

  • Bug

  • Bug-a-boo

  • Shorty

  • Ladybug

  • Lovey

  • Diva
She makes us smile every day. She has a quick witt and likes to make us laugh. She's so generous and sensitive to others. She's a good friend and wants to please everyone. We feel so blessed to have her as a part of our family.