Friday, October 3, 2014

Oh Dear,

We are still around.  I'm going to do a quick update of the past year and than hopefully I will stay caught up....For a few months anyways.   After the half marathon we enjoyed thanksgiving.  Since it's just us we decided...We eat at home everyday lets go out.  It was the BEST ThanksGiving EVER. My house stayed clean, We were relaxed and we actually got dressed up for dinner.  I organized a 5K Turkey Trot for our ward for that morning.  It was a good way to get out of the house and enjoy our friends and neighbors that morning.
December, January came with no big events besides Christmas and My birthday.
February Our girls got a special Valentine with a plane ticket inside to HAWAII.
March we took our girls for a weeks vacation in Hawaii.  My Brother Bob and his Family are stationed there with the Army.  We had the BEST time.  A week was NOT long enough! We packed our days FULL of Fun.  Snorkeling, Body surfing, eating at local restaurants, Tide pool exploring, hiking, the PPC, whale watching, Dole plantation, and the Biggest Highlight of the trip... Swimming with dolphins.  We could have ended the trip and only done that and it still would have been the best trip ever.  What a GREAT experience and to be able to share it with the girls was the cherry on top.  It was So hard to leave.  When we look back at our hundreds of pictures we can't help but smile at the wonderful memories we made. Jappy helped coach High School Baseball.
April We celebrated 13 years!!Jay and Brooklyn played Soccer, Mady turned 12 and had her first temple trip, Mady joined the middle school track team and took 1st in Shot -Put and 2nd in Discus in All City. and was invited to compete in a regional competition. (We are PROUD parents)!  Jap's step dad passed away, Paxton(18 months) broke his leg, I had my wisdom teeth out. And OH YA.. Found out I was Pregnant with #6 (Heaven Help us ALL) April was not my favorite month. But we survived.
May Paxie got his cast off and had an EKG and passed again!! He will have a Echocardiogram next year in June. If all looks well he could be released of ALL Cardio doctors and appointments(Super Exciting).  I ran a Color Run with friends, Found out that we were Having a GIRL!
Due December 13th
 We celebrated the LAST DAY of SCHOOL with our friends and neighbors with our annual root beer float party.
June  The kids collected eggs for a neighbor all month and loved it, Jay started Flag Football, He's a Natural like his Daddy.   He had countless touchdowns, and several interceptions that he ran back for a touch down and LOTS of Flags. He was SO FUN to watch. Mady and I went to Girls Camp and had a blast. Jet started Speech, and made some GREAT progress through the Summer
July We headed to Coeur d'Alene for a week.  Spending time with ALL of the Family, Lots of Time at the beach and on the boat. Jay and Brooklyn got up on water skis. And surprised my Family with the news of BABY GIRL. Brought our Nephews home with us to spend 3 weeks of FUN with them.  We had a science day, went to Bear World, Picnics in the park, hiked the mountains, slept in a tent, Had outside movie night, Decorated bikes for a parade, went to the pool several times, set up the slip-n-slide. The List could go on and on. We tried to plan and do something each day they were here.  We were exhausted each night.
August    I sold the 15 passenger Van(yea ME), We rented a Cabin in Star Valley for a long weekend and enjoyed every minute. We golfed, Jappy played in a tournament with his momma, swam, ate, played shuffle board, and horseshoes. and just had a really fun time.  Jappy took the kids to Lagoon for a day and had a BLAST. We bought a dog, Beautiful German Shepherd. And sold her 3 wks later. We loved her!! She did not love our neighbors, and I didn't feel good about the aggression she was showing towards anyone in our yard. No fault of her own She was protecting us and our yard.  We miss her dearly. Some Day again we will be  dog owners. It was so good for our Kids.
School started!! Mady 7th. Brooklyn 5th. Jay K.  Jet Lincoln /center Preschool.
Mady Made the School Volleyball team and LOVES it.  That girl has a MEAN serve.  We've enjoyed her games. Jay and Brooklyn started another season of Soccer. It's been Busy with everyone practicing and games but we LOVE watching our kids, and watching them develop their talents.
September. Jappy has been working out HARD He has Lost 80lbs and still going strong.  We are so PROUD of him.  He competed in a Tough Mudder in Utah. If you don't know what it is google it. It was 11 miles of Running and then Crazy obstacles intertwined. We made arrangements for our kids and we spent 3 days together ALONE.  It was the first time in 6 years we had been away for more than 12 hours with out any kids. It was fun to be able to watch him do his run and to be able to cheer him on. We had a Great Weekend together.
My parents got their mission call and will be serving for 12 months in the Family History Center in Salt Lake City.We are very Happy for them.
October Celebrated Paxton turning 2. He is such a Fun Sweet Boy. He talks up a storm, repeating everything we say.  He's only gotten me in trouble once (which really surprises me) He is one busy little bugger. I think he is worse than Jay was. I had to buy a second baby gate to contain that boy. He will need his own post for all his extra curricular activities he's been involved in.  
I'm preparing for the Elementary School Red Ribbon Week at the end of the month. And the Big guy will turn 41 in a week.
Phew... Well there you have it in a Nut shell Pictures will come at a later date I need to upload those yet. But know we are still around and doing well.


Megan Jo Eddie said...

I LOVE THIS POST!!!! Even though a see you a couple times a week, it was so fun reminiscing about your year! What a good mama you are and have the best kiddos. Just love you.

The Saville Family said...

So great to see a new post from you. I've been so slow getting posts up. It's so hard to keep up on the blog with the busy life that comes with kids. Congratulations on the soon to be here new baby. I'm so excited for you guys. And way to go Jappy on the 80lbs that's awesome! I hope you all have a fantastic Christmas with a healthy new baby. Miss You guys.